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  1. Siikibam

    Away from the boys

    We’ve gone away for the weekend and so I had to put the boys in boarding. I’m a little worried because they’re in a smaller enclosure and I’m not sure how many times they’ll be put in the run. I’m sure they’ll be fine anyway but I can’t help but worry. It’s like putting your child in Nursery etc...
  2. K

    Guinea Pig Boarding/pet Sitting

    I’m not sure this is the right section to post this in but here goes.. I have been thinking about a career with animals! Although my plans won’t happen until next year, no harm in planning now? I was thinking about starting a dog walking service around my local area.. and once I’ve moved...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    House Guests

    I’m returning the favour and looking after my friend’s rats whilst she’s on holiday. We’ve already decided that rats are next after guineapigs!
  4. Guineapigfeet

    Off On Holiday

    Me and my OH are going away tomorrow for nearly two weeks and I'm just a back from dropping my girls off at 'Aunty Catrina's' . Three pigs have *so much stuff*! And I even downsized their cage! I know they'll be well looked after by Catrina and her little boy (who has good small animal manners...
  5. Jesse's pigs

    Holiday Query

    Hope this is the right thread (it links to travel I suppose?). At the end of this week I'm going on holiday (sorry guys I post alot of worried holiday threads...) not abroad this time but taking a 'doggy' holiday to Wales! Now Mo is a pro now and us staying once again with my nan who had him...
  6. Little Pigs

    Guinea Pig Not Eating And Drinking Much Whilst I Am Away

    I went on a short holiday over the weekend, this is the first time I have left my piggie on his own for a long period of time; I made sure to leave Ollie with plenty of food, hay and two big water bottles. When I came home, I noticed that he had drunk very little and would of normally have drunk...
  7. court29x

    Ready For Their Holibobs!

    The girls are settling in quite nicely to their indoor cage ready to stay at my sisters on a little holiday while we go on holiday! We don't go until Sunday but I thought it would be a good idea to let them have a few days in their cage to get used to it. Tomorrow I'm off out shopping and I'm...
  8. court29x

    Scared Our Piggies Will Forget Us!

    Me and my boyfriend are going on holiday with my family for 5 days in July so the girlies are staying with my older sister who has had guinea pigs before and currently has 2 rabbits, I'm just worried that they will forget me and my boyfriend and lose that bond that we've been slowly achieving...
  9. Jesse's pigs

    Upcoming Holiday- Tears Will Fall!

    So I go on holiday next week and obviously I'm excited for a change but the dread of leaving my furbabies behind always dampens my mood! I hate the thought of them falling ill or passing whilst I'm away. A friend feeds my rabbit and covers him for the nights and she's looked after him a couple...
  10. Beans&Toast

    Separation Anxiety..

    Sorry if this isnt the right place to put this but its the only place that seemed most relavent.. Okay so what I'm about to say may sound very silly to most people, but I love my pigs very much and we have a very close bond.. I'm planning on taking my mum away for a few days to a caravan park...