boars mounting

  1. R

    Is this bullying or just boars

    Hello, I got my 2 boars as babies back in July 2020 when they were about 3 months old I believe. They live in a 5x3 ft cage so have plenty of room. They have never had a fight but ruby the dominant boar consultantly rumbles, and barges his bum into the other one (makka Pakka). He has a go at him...
  2. Joannabegg1997


    My youngest gp is about 7 months old, we have had him since January with my eldest who I believe to be over the age of 3. My youngest has been mounting my eldest to the point he is shoving him in the corner and almost knocking him over. My eldest always tries to get away and has never bit him...
  3. Thebubbypiggies

    Boars mounting each other

    I have to boars together and they are constantly mounting each other. Mostly one more than the other. I know this is normal behaviour but they do it every day. They don’t show any signs of cuts or bites, so they aren’t violent with each other. They’re also in a 3x4 so the size isn’t to small...