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bonded pair

  1. Natrista

    What can we do for him?

    one of my boys Cheese (the orange one) recently passed away from unknown reasons. The other one, macaroni and him were bonded. I've read that guineapigs can get depressed after their mate passes away, is there anything I can do to prevent this? Or is there anything i can do to help him in...
  2. dannif_piggies

    Bonding Two Sow Pairs

    Hey everyone, so in the early new year, I am hoping to attempt the bonding of my two sow pairs, Honey and Willow joining with Lois and Laine. I have one successful previous experience, bonding baby Willow (then 13 weeks) with 6 year old Honey. Apart from this I have no other experience about...
  3. T

    Bonded pair fighting

    Hi everyone, about eight months ago I adopted two pigs from a shelter. They are two male piggies about a year old at adoption and were already bonded. I could tell from their interactions that one pig, Tucker, was the dominant pig. Although lately Wilbur the other pig is starting to fight and...
  4. H

    My Journey With "an Evil Pig"

    Hello! My name is Hayley and i would like to share my experience thus far as a guinea pig owner to give new pet parents a new perspective on raising boars and/or sows. My first interaction with a guinea pig was when i started my job in pet care at my local Petsmart. We were a brand new...
  5. Barnyard Boars


    Since roughly around yesterday 10am, I have been bonding my Harvey (aprox a year) with a new baby pig (aprox 1 month) Milton, I didn’t read up enough and thought washing Harvey’s blankets and wiping down a bit would be enough to put Milton in his cage, stupid now that I know. They were NOT...
  6. V

    Bonding My Current Guinea Pig To Two New Ones

    Hi! Currently I just have my single guinea pig and have not partnered him yet. I got him from a family friend who was breeding and couldn't take his brother as well because he was claimed. Around 7-8 weeks after my guinea pig and his brother were born there was another single birth from the same...
  7. Beccalouise986

    Bonded Females Fighting Help!

    Helloo! I have 2 bonded females (not sisters) who have been together for 3 years. All of a sudden this morning they have started fighting. They have 2 of everything (food Bowles, arches, tubes) so there’s shouldn’t be any fighting over space as they live in a huge space, they’ve never really...
  8. Jesse's pigs

    Is This Squabbling Or A Sign The Bond Isn't Going To Work Out?

    Hi guys I just got back from a holiday (Greece) and the pigs came back to me Saturday - no problems both been fine. Anyway today (since I've got home) They seem to be squabbling. Nothing has been changed- same layout, hay etc and both been having floortime. But Mo is humping Steve again who in...
  9. Jesse's pigs


    I never realised how fun floortime could be! The first time I tried it with Mo, I was rather nervous - and he stuck by my side so I think he was too :lol!: but eventually he learnt that my bedroom floor was a safe space and went mental! Now I get them out together as much as possible. I...
  10. Jesse's pigs

    Videos To Help Those Who May Be Thinking Of Bonding Guinea Pigs.

    So I hope these help (other then being adorable LOL) but basically thought I'd share some videos of the behaviour I noticed from Mo when I introduced Steve. Of course I'm sure you will all note the size difference (Steve isn't that small anymore :( ) but you'll also see what many members and...
  11. Jesse's pigs

    Mo & Steve Update

    (Update from my old thread 1 to 2) Mo and Steve have been together just over two weeks now and I'm happy to say they still seem okay together. There is the rare occasion where Mo will mount him quite a bit but that is extremely rare now and I usually wake up with Steve wheeking over nothing-...
  12. Jesse's pigs

    1 To 2

    Right I've finally done it! Mo has a friend which he is currently getting acquainted to. (Mo has never looked soooo huge!) Okay so he seemed a little shocked at first and a bit jumpy. Then I got a little worried cos he kept nibbling the little ones fur and ears - one of which he caught and...
  13. A

    5 Boys? Advice Needed!

    I currently have 3 piggies. Here are Russell and S'mores. Here's Petey. I got Petey and S'mores together when they were teeny tiny babies. They lived in harmony until they both turned roughly 4 months old. That was the same time I introduced baby Russell to them. Things went well for about...
  14. A

    Fighting And Jumping Out Of Cage! Help!

    Hello all, I was a new guinea pig owner in Feb when we got Petey and S'mores. They're now about 4 months old. They're both males and have always lived together. They've always gotten along perfectly and had such a great bond. After having moved their cage and made it bigger we decided to get...
  15. R

    Two Gladiatorial Dominants

    Hey all, Recently I acquired a third female pig (age ~7mo), and have attempted to introduce her to my older (~2yrs) bonded pair (females) three times. Marie is the dominant between the bonded pair (Rosalind is the submissive one), and Kali is the young whippersnapper. First: All three pigs in...
  16. NavajoChikondi

    Question Concerning Bonding And Lap Time

    Hello, I just wanted to ask some questions as I'm a new pig owner and still need to learn lots! First of all I wanted to ask about my baby guinea pig. I've had him for about a week now. He is quite the brave pig and at lap time he is now running around on my lap, sniffing a lot, making little...
  17. JoannaMarie

    Bloody Fight Between My Two Lovely Boars

    I have had my four month old Monty for two months now. Him and Alan (approximately 18 months) had been getting on fine, a few fall outs but nothing too bad and no actual fighting. I got home from work today and they seemed to be fine, then the next thing I saw was them both, jumped about a foot...
  18. JoannaMarie

    Monty My New Addition With His New Friend Alan The Lion

    I've had Monty a few weeks now, him and Alan seem to have bonded (finger's crossed) they were introduced over two weeks ago now. Alan does love to mount Monty but no real aggression and Monty has learnt to stick up for himself so Alan knows he can't push things too far! Monty is pretty cute it...
  19. L

    I Think Tilly & Ginger Have Bonded!

    It's Day 4 in the Little Piggie House... After another day of not much interaction I was starting to worry that they might just tolerate each other and never properly bond for snuggles, but tonight I went in to say goodnight to them and they were both out in the downstairs bit and being very...
  20. G

    New Partner For Piggie

    Hi, Sadly I've just lost a piggie and he's left a Tricky that has just turned about 1 years old. I'm wondering what age range is a good age for a piggie to be his new friend. Also, where could I find such a piggie in London? is there a recommended rescue in london? Many Thanks