bonding a boar

  1. L

    Bonding 4 Male Guinea Pigs

    I got two new guinea pigs about 3 weeks ago, which were older than my first pair and I'm wondering how long it will take for them to not fight and be normal with each other or if that will ever happen, they all get into little fights with each other from time to time and make unhappy noises...
  2. Cryptillian

    Boar frantic to attack separated pig.

    I’ve been bonding a new male, Pumba with my existing pig, Pete. A long time ago I tried putting Pete in with my existing herd at the time. Pete got along well with two of my seniors, but my younger male, Chuck and him ended up having a fight while I had left them unattended (I left since...
  3. Cryptillian

    Is it ok to let my newly paired boys be unsupervised now?

    Just to start, the boar I just adopted is Pumba (4 year old cuy mix) and my boar that needed a partner is Pete (3 1/2 shorthair). They are in a 30 sq ft enclosure with two large two-way hides and two pellet bowls (since they got territorial over them). I put Pumba and Pete into their enclosure...
  4. L

    2 single Boars, j9 months

    HI, I INHERITED 2 BOARS.When I got them they were in a tiny cage. One was very ill with a large cut across his back. He'd scratched himself stupid or had a cut and then scratched. Let me just say we really don't know. They kept fighting so I made a 4 by 2 foot cage and put them there in a larger...
  5. Pumpkin&Spice

    Bonding a neutered boar with my 4 sows

    Hi! :) I was just wondering whether anyone has any advice with bonding a neutered boar with a groups of sows? I’m going to be bringing a neutered boar home from a local rescue to see whether my current four sows, Pumpkin, Spice, Lottie and Flossie, are willing to accept him into their herd...