1. C

    On His Own/bonding

    Hi Everyone Complete newbie but learning. We have taken Jerry who was bought as a birthday present to my granddaughter two years ago and was told by a well known shop that it was ok for Jerry to be his own. About six month ago they moved him from living room to a room on his own as my...
  2. A

    Fighting And Jumping Out Of Cage! Help!

    Hello all, I was a new guinea pig owner in Feb when we got Petey and S'mores. They're now about 4 months old. They're both males and have always lived together. They've always gotten along perfectly and had such a great bond. After having moved their cage and made it bigger we decided to get...
  3. MissPiggyTales

    Bonding Timings

    I read this and am wondering if this means that sometimes it's okay to have them on mutual ground for a while, then put back in cages next to each other, then pop them back to mutual ground another time to see if fear- aggression has diminished ? "It usually takes time and several bonding...
  4. C

    Two New Guinea Pigs That Are Scared

    hey, so I got two sows just over a day ago and so far, even when I just sit by the hutch and talk to them if I move they jump away. I've also tried opening the hutch door and putting my hands in so they can get used to my scent, but when I move to stroke them they jump away. Is this normal?
  5. R

    Two Gladiatorial Dominants

    Hey all, Recently I acquired a third female pig (age ~7mo), and have attempted to introduce her to my older (~2yrs) bonded pair (females) three times. Marie is the dominant between the bonded pair (Rosalind is the submissive one), and Kali is the young whippersnapper. First: All three pigs in...
  6. Bekialice

    Baby Refusing To Bond

    Hiya, we have two adult sows (6 years old) and two baby sows (around 6 months). When we attempted to bond at 3 months old, baby Luna took REALLY well to the adult pigs and brought new life into them. She's going on adventures all the time and cuddling them at night and the adults love her...
  7. AdamFrench

    Bereaved Piggy Losing Weight

    Hi, We lost one of your sows on Tuesday and the remaining one hasn't responded very well. She was already in for a scan which highlighted a thickened uterus wall the day after we lost Teri. She never saw Teris body as she was PTS at the vets. She was ok for the first couple of days and now...