boy guinea pigs

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    Should I get my (male) guinea pig a friend?

    I had females growing up and introducing them was pretty easy. I’ve heard boys are a lot more difficult. I adopted my boy, Wilbur, about a year and a half ago. He’s about 3-4 now, and I was told he lived on his own his whole life but seemed interested in the guinea pigs in the neighboring cage...
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    Fighting males, what is best?

    Hi, We have two young male GP’s (approx 6 months) they’re lovely natured but very different characters who just do not seem to be able to get along. There will be teeth chattering from the smaller pig, Carlos, towards his ‘brother’ within five minutes of them being together and he isn’t afraid...
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    HELP! My pig is hooting!

    Hello! My boy Pip has started making hooting noises! Since last night, he has not moved very far from his little house. I would say Pip is a little bit of an over achiever when it comes to his day to day life so I am very worried for him. He will not eat his favorite hay, nor will he drink...
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    Naming my boys 💛

    Hello, I’m new to this page💫 So I’ve owned quite a few piggies, but currently I have two females, Poppy and panda💛 and for the last week or so I’ve been looking after two boys pigs and they were one of my neighbours and they were neglected and not living the best life😢 so after a bit of...