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broken bone

  1. PheiChi

    (Informative) Bone fracture

    Hello! 🐹🐻☁️🐨 I just wanted to post this here and hope it will be helpful to someone, since I didn’t find anything about this issue before! :3 A week ago, my black abby Pearlo had a bone fracture. ): The humerus was fractured. It probably happened when I was letting him down. Talking to the...
  2. C

    Broken arm

    Hello my guinea pig broke her front arm and was taken to the vet the vet gave her medicine and after 2 weeks she looks much better and even walks on the foot although limps sometimes and her foot doesn’t looks straight has a slight curve to it. I’m not sure if it’s okay to leave her like this or...
  3. D

    Guinea pig broken bone?

    Basically, I was holding my guinea pig then I got squirted with water (unintentionally) and the pig jumped from my arms and landed on the floor, she ran and then I picked her back up and examined her and she seemed fine, just shocked. I then carried her out back to the cage and when I got near...
  4. Z

    Injured Leg - Ideas?

    Hi there, I got my 6 year old female Guinea pig out of the cage today and noticed that she was limping rather heavily and not wanting to bear weight on her back right. Any ideas what it could be? She will rest on it when she's sitting, and she's fine with us touching it (gently, of course)...