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  1. Louisemck312

    How can I secure my fleece down on a regular cage to prevent burrowing?

    Hi everyone, I just got a new fleece to line my cage but one of my piggies Madison keeps burrowing underneath it! Since it’s not a C&C cage I can’t clip it to anything and it fits the cage perfectly so can’t tuck it under/over anything. I’ve tried putting her bowl in one of the corners but she...
  2. court29x

    Fleece Burrowing Worries..

    After two days of trying to master the art of wicking I think my fleece cage liners are almost ready to be put in the cage, however, I have a massive fear of one of the girls burrowing it up or it slipping about, a lot of people have recommended the stuff you put under rugs to stop them sliding...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Last Day Of Injections For Beans (hopefully)

    Today was the last round of hormone injections for Beans, I'm happy to report! Her behaviour is just a bit more chilled out and one of her cysts has shrunk slightly, and the other one is no bigger than it was so I'm hoping they don't grow and she doesn't need any more. Which is just as well...
  4. Brianna Nordin

    Advise For Piggie Fleece Burrowers!

    It's really frustrating when you hand sew a cage liner and you put it in their clean cage and you wake up to piggies burrowing under it and you have to reclean the cage again cause there is poop and pee all over the bottom. Me and my loves have been at war for awhile now, they love burrowing...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Find Beans

    So I was going to feed the piggies, and noticed that I could only see Toast sitting in the loft, I looked for Beans but couldn't see her. I instantly thought maybe she had escaped, then I looked back in the loft and noticed something sticking out of the hay at the back... Beans likes to...
  6. Nat_Piggy

    Piggy Climbing!

    Hiya! I noticed that every time I have lap-time with S'mores, she'll sit on my lap for about one minute while I pet her, and then scramble up my shirt and onto my shoulder. She burrows into my hair. She will nip the back of my neck, although she rarely does that and usually just moves around...