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butt sniffing

  1. A

    Guinea pig in heat (please answer asap)

    Hello, I have one neutered male and one female together. They have recently been bonded together and I have never had a male and a female together. My female, I believe is in heat, she keeps getting chased round, humped, vagina licked, butt sniffed constantly. She is not receptive to this at...
  2. A

    What's Normal? - Day 2 of Bonding Boars

    Hi all! We had the opportunity to bring home another buddy for our loner boar. Both are teenage boars (I know, not the ideal time to bond) Following the bonding/intro forum on this blog, I'd say the intros went pretty well. They spent about 4 hours in their intro area before being moved back to...
  3. Madi

    Male Guinea Pig Bum Sniffing/licking

    I recently got 3 male guinea pigs (Ed, Al, and Mustang) they’re about 5 weeks old. They’re brothers as far as I’m aware, and therefore have been together since birth. I’ve only had them about a week or 2 and recently Mustang has been obsessively sniffing/licking/possibly eating poo from Ed’s...