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  1. Cherri


    Hi guys! I have 3 guniea pigs, soon to be more, because my sow is pregnant. I want to have a total of four pigs, ( 2 girls one 2 boys. ) and I'm also moving into an apartment with my boyfriend in the next few months with a lot more space than I currently have. What are some a good cage...
  2. V

    Adopt Or Buy?and I

    Hello :) After a couple of months of research I've decided that I would love to get 2 guinea pigs. As I have never had a guinea pig before would I be better adopting or buying? Obviously I would rather adopt but would I be able to adopt as I've had no experience looking after pigs and I'm...
  3. Kallasia

    Stressed! House-buying And Survey Is Very Bad!

    So we're buying a house for the first time ever. The piggies are getting their own bedroom. This has been months in the making now, with so much paperwork and the estate agents and solicitors taking ages... But today we got the buildings survey/report back. Now, it's an older property and...
  4. J

    Buying From A Breeder

    I have been enquiring about a couple of young pure bred guinea pigs. Their owner is a judge at shows which I felt encourage by. I felt that buying from here was a much better option than a pet shop. However he has just told me that he owns over 50 guinea pigs. Is this something that should put...
  5. Cavy Kung-Fu

    I Need You!

    Hey guys, I would like your help! I'm putting together some information regarding store bought (or readily available, UK only please) cages such as the Midwest that are actually suitable for piggies. They need to be minimum 4ft by 2ft and if larger, please specify how big, how many pigs you...
  6. ChloeCee98

    C & C Cages So Hard To Find In The Uk!

    What is a reasonable price to pay for a c&c cage ? I was going to buy one from a suggested site today but my partner isn't so sure as it's a lot of money. The materials are really hard to find to be able to build seperately. I've looked at a number of places and I'm looking at between £70 and...
  7. Nat_Piggy

    New Guinea Pig! Gender...?

    Sup guys! I'm getting a guinea pig after the holidays--happy christmas/hanukkah/kwanza/etc!--and I just want to know: is there any better gender, female or male? Please don't bombard me with comments like "They're the same" or "It doesn't matter" because I will love my piggy so much no matter...