cage agression

  1. Livvysquish

    Bare patch with cut?

    I've recently posted about urgently rescuing a baby guinea pig as it was alone for weeks. This is about the baby. I have noticed that all my piggies apart from one is completely fine with her. I first noticed a small wound on her nose and thought it might have been a warning nip gone too far...
  2. Sumi

    No matter what i do my piggie isnt happy.

    Hello everyone This is my 2nd time writing on here because I usually tend to ask the vet about everything concerning my piggies. However, I am starting to become desperate. I have had my piggies for 3 years now and all this time he was in a cage alone because he didn't get along with my other...
  3. Livvysquish

    Bonding a 3rd into pair

    Hey! I've posted before about getting a third and decided against but have recently gave it more thought. I have a 2x5 c&c with a 3x2 hay loft. With two litter trays, 3 hay stations and two bowls. I will be buying the new guinea pig its own bowl and fleeces ect. I am a bit worried though as...
  4. J

    Confused About My Little Girl's Anger Issues

    I got 2 little girls about 4 months ago. They are my first guinea pigs. They were kept together with 2 other piggies before I got them. One, Yennifer, was missing half of 1 ear before I got them. I watched her being chased and bitten by 1 of the piggies I did not get. After I got them home, Yang...