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cage extension

  1. piggyGin

    I'm BACK! + GREAT NEWS ^_^

    Hi all, Some of you might not remember Piggy Gin and I, but I was complaining that he was feeling depressed and lonely on here before. BUTTTT.... He's got a NEW friend since you all recomended. Gin gained a lot of weight and he's doing amazing! 1 month ago I got him a boar friend from my...
  2. rodents.of.rivendell

    Advice and Ideas For Cage Upgrade

    Hey guys, I'm planning on upgrading my current guinea pig cage (I own 3 sows). It's currently a 4x2 c&c cage with a 2x2 second level. I'm thinking of upgrading to a 6x2 on the base. Can I get some ideas for their next cage and things I should change? Any other constructive criticisms for my cage...
  3. J

    How to extend my shop bought cage?

    Hi, I was hoping to get some suggests/advice on how to give our guinea pigs a bit more room. We bought 2 girls (6 weeks old) about a month ago, and got a 110cm by 50cm cage for them. We also got a 50cm by 90cm run. Ideally, I'd like to connect the cage to the run so the girls can use it while...