cage ideas

  1. rodents.of.rivendell

    Advice and Ideas For Cage Upgrade

    Hey guys, I'm planning on upgrading my current guinea pig cage (I own 3 sows). It's currently a 4x2 c&c cage with a 2x2 second level. I'm thinking of upgrading to a 6x2 on the base. Can I get some ideas for their next cage and things I should change? Any other constructive criticisms for my cage...
  2. H

    Cage advice for a total newbie!

    Hi all! We’re looking to get 2 guinea pigs in a couple of weeks (is 2 an ok number or should we get 3?). They’ll live outside while it’s warm and we’ll bring them in during the winter. I’ve read SO many different views online that I’m even more confused than before I researched! Could you...
  3. Patch&fluff

    Mischievous guinea chewing bars constantly

    Hi, I am new to owning guinea pigs well say new I have had patch and fluff for about a year now. Recently over the past week patch had been constantly chewing the bars on his cage, I have tried lemon juice and also giving them more chew toys, re designed the cage for them, added new and...
  4. Taylor.anne271

    Cage options?

    Hello! So I have a rescue pig coming in about a week so time is precious. I just wanted some opinions on good/simple/cheap cage options as this pig may not spend very long with me. She is coming in a rusting chicken wire covered little cage so an upgrade is a must. She was posted by a Facebook...