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cage upgrade

  1. Suki&Indie

    The C&C Cage Curse!

    Just wondering if anyone else randomly looks at their C&C cage and decides they need to upgrade :xd: Started today thinking that I should get new corroplast as it’s been well nibbled and looks a bit shabby and now I’ve got a cart full of stuff to make their cage 3x8 - there’s only three piggies...
  2. V

    Need Some Ideas For New To Come C&c Cage!

    I currently have four piggies living with me. Three out the four are living in a Ferplast rabbit cage size 140x71x51 cm. The other one is living temporarily in a Ferplast rabbit cage 95x57x46 cm since 5 March as she came living with us. Because of health issues she's still in this cage. I would...