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cagemate passed

  1. T

    My guinea pig died and now her sister is all alone, please help seeking advice

    I used to have 4 guinea pigs, over time they each passed away. When it came to only having 2 left, one of them had unfortunately a few days ago passed away, leaving only 1 behind. My guinea pig that is still alive was the last one I had ever gotten, so my 4th, she was a rescue and when I...
  2. S'mores and Pockets

    Cagemate passed away - adoption/rehoming options?

    Hi, my heart breaks to say that S’mores passed away a week ago, Sunday. I knew his life was coming to an end, he battled a unidentified illness for almost a year and I am relieved he is in a better place now. S’mores cagemate, Pockets is now alone. He is doing well still eating and drinking...