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  1. P

    C & c cages!

    Hi guys, so I’m thinking about getting an indoor c & c cage, but I’ve noticed that there are several to choose from! I literally have no idea where to start. I have seen single and double ones, ones that have a ramp and ones that do not (can you buy a ramp separate?) and ones with a loft. So...
  2. P

    Internal and external measurements for bluebell hutch 6ft

    Does anyone know the external and internal measurements for bluebell 6ft xlarge cage? I have the measurements for the 5ft one (attached below) but need to know the measurements like them for the 6ft one.
  3. P

    Bluebell hutch sizing!

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the INSIDE sizing of the bluebell Guinea pig hutch from pets at home? I already know the outdoor sizes but looking to change our bedding to fleece for our piggies instead of sawdust - it gets everywhere! If anyone also has any recommendations for fleeces for cages, let...
  4. D


    Hi! I got a guinea pig about a week ago and named her daisy. She was the sweetest cuddly thing ever and she’s super young and little still. I ended up getting her a friend three days after getting her so she wouldn’t be lonely. The new one is zoey. Zoey is a little bit bigger and older then...
  5. Honey-Claw

    Mites in cage

    I have seven guinea pigs, and in two of my piggies living world XL cages (with two pigs each) I’m getting these sort of mite bugs, at first I thought they were baby flies but I think they’re mites. They’re tiny black little dots that just move up in the cage and for some reason they’re only in...
  6. Julezfm39

    Bonding and Housing Issues - Please HELP!

    Good morning! I hope everyone and their piggy families are well! I'm asking for help with some housing and bonding issues. We have 8 guinea pigs, all male, all under 1 year old - 2 piggies have just turned 1 in March. They are all indoors and have the run of the lounge daily, taking it in...
  7. PiggyOinkOink

    New Owners In London Looking For A Full C&c Cage Setup

    I have 3 individual sets of: 1 x C&C cage (2 x 4 grids OR approx 70 x 144cm = 10.85 ft² / 1.01m²) 1 x Correx Inlay Base 2 x Fleece Liners 1 x Bedding/Hay tray That your new guinea pigs would surely love...
  8. winniethepooh

    I Need A Plan Quick!

    So, since my cage isn't big enough for 2 piggies, I decided to keep Winnie in a pet store cage for a few days because we are deciding on how and where we are going to build our HUGE C&C guinea pig cage. I need some ideas because obviously, pet store cages are too small but that is the only...
  9. PiggyBubba

    Guinea Pig Cage Questions

    So I asked my mom for permission to build a c&c cage. Of course, she said no. I tried explaining to her all the benefits for my piggy but her mind was set in place. She said she would only buy me a store bought cage. So, do you guys have any suggestions for where to find cheap yet spacious cages...
  10. VeganIzzy

    Diy Cage? Please Help!

    Hi everyone! I want to build a DIY cage for my piggies ASAP, however I only have a £50 budget as I am fifteen and I don't have a job or anything. I was thinking about making a wooden cage, then using some table legs to hold it up (I have back problems so can't bend over the cage all the time)...
  11. ChloeCee98

    Best Place To Get A C&c Cage Or The Stuff To Build One ?

    I'm in the UK and finding it hard to get the stuff to build a storage block c&c cage! There is one on eBay but you don't get the insert the ties or anything with it! Could any please let me know the best way to build one? I'm getting a second piggy and when noodles and the new piggy have bonded...
  12. E

    6 Guinea Pigs 2 Double Hutches Joined

    nan joined the cages and now we have 2 neuterd boars and 4 sows
  13. Frankie.Friends

    Any Good Cage Recommendations?

    I am currently shopping around for a new guinea pig cage and i was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations? Brief- Must be under £150 Must be a suitable size Preferably outdoors Weather proof and animal proof eg. No cats or foxes can get in Easy to access and clean Thank you for...
  14. Y

    Is This Cage Suitable, From A Former Pet Which Was Not A Guinea Pig?

    Hi, I have been looking for a hamster since I have a cage which has not been used for a year till I stumbled upon guinea pigs which instantly caught my attention, they look fun and friendly, but I really don`t want to buy a new cage (or make one), is the one in the link suitable? Alaska Hamster...
  15. S

    New To Guinea Pigs, Need Advice

    Hi Guys, I've never owned a Guinea Pig before. After about a year of thinking about it and making sure it wasn't an impulse decision and doing relevant research and go plenty of times to pet shops to look at the guinea pigs and get my daughter ready and not to mention finally buy my own house...