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  1. ripcoconuttheguineapig

    Complete Care Preparation: Trying To Put Product To Good Use

    I am somewhat new to guinea pigs, as in for a week in 2021 I had coconut in a starter kit due to the sad mistake of completely trusting a pet store, [ WHICH IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD BE DONE KNOWINGLY OF OTHER SOLUTIONS] who ended up getting ringworm. After having a hamster and giving it the...
  2. B

    Cage extension ideas/ help

    Hi Everyone I have recently adopted a pair of female piggy’s who are approximately 2 years old. As it was a bit of a sudden recuse I quickly converted my hamster cage ( a converted IKEA wardrobe measures 120cm x 80cm) for the piggy’s to live in as my hamster had passed away and his cage was...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Steve in his new mansion

    Well guys I have finally gone and done it! After fighting with the correx😂 the cage is now made! 🤩🥳🥳 The boys weren’t in tiny cages to begin with, but I have always wanted a C and C-purely because they seem so much more open and can be made to whatever shape you want. I have held back from...
  4. AlvieOB

    New To Guinea Pig Care! Fleece Vs Bedding

    Hi all! I'm a soon to be guinea Pig owner, I'm so excited! I've done loads and loads of research. The rescue centre I'm going to adopt from build C&C cages, so I will have a C&C cage probably around 4x2 ft or 5x2 with a loft. The one thing I'm unsure on is wether I should line it with bedding or...
  5. K

    Do It Yourself Cage Liners

    setting my boys up in c&c cages. I’m looking at making my own cage liners (probably 2x4) I’ve been looking, and I can’t seem to figure out what exactly people are putting in the middle for the absorbent layer? I’m guessing the top and bottom are fleece? Where is the cheapest place to get...
  6. K

    I Have No Idea What Cage To Upgrade To

  7. A

    Fleece Liners

    hi, i am changing hutch to a c and c 2x4 one and am looking to also change to fleece liners. Some places specify that the liners are for 2x4 but some will put, for example, 120x59 or 100x54. are either of these big enough? also, if anyone uses them, could you share some tips or how to use/wash...
  8. K

    C And C Cage Connectors

    I picked myself up a second hand 2x5 + 1x2 loft for £20! After a lovely wash it’s looking great. But where can I get some more reasonably priced connectors from? I’ve looked on eBay and they were £4.50 for 4.. does anyone have any other suggestions? I’ve seen people taking about using cable...
  9. Jesse's pigs

    Browsing And Found...

    Been browsing my local Facebook ads for guinea pig related items and found a C & C cage (a couple actually but one that seems pretty good) 4x2 complete with cortex and ties etc. £40! I'm very tempted I must say...
  10. SabreRose

    Is This A Good Setup?/run Questions.

    Hi. I'm getting a pair of Guinea pigs in the near future and I was just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on my setup idea for them. They'll be living in a shed and my plan is to buy them a double hutch and connect it to a run for them. My plan is to buy this hutch And connect...
  11. Jesse's pigs

    Those Of You Looking For A C And C

    Hi guys I'm not sure if it's still available but I found an advert in Newmarket advertising a C and C cage 5×2 with loft and cortex etc for £70. Not sure if you guys are interested or not but thought I'd let you know. If it was closer id be snapping it up. It's on preloved. :)
  12. WinnieandBear

    C&c Connectors And Grids In The Uk

    Hello! I am looking to expand my current c&c cage but am at a loss where to find reasonably priced connectors in the UK? Anyone got any tips as to where I can purchase these? Also grids if you know about those also. Thanks in advance! xx