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cardboard tube

  1. SavyCavyGirl

    How do I clean cardboard hideys?

    Hi! So I have a problem with some pretty dirty cardboard tunnels and hideys- and I just can’t seem to get the pee stains off! It’s really bothering me and I want them to have clean happy homes so please help me!
  2. doodlecountry


    My piggies haven’t been into toilet paper tubes until lately. Now they go ham over them! But how much is too much? I don’t want them to get full over eating cardboard or bloat.
  3. D

    Cardboard Tubes

    who tries to make sure that cardboard tube are not in the trash then use it for their guinea pigs? i do and i am wondering
  4. RJade

    Cardboard Tubes

    i have quite a few tubes in with my guinea pigs, they're one of their favourite things! But they've been ripping the inside to pieces, I'm finding lots of ripped bits about the hutch. I'm just worried about them eating it and if it has any adverse effects? Cheers!
  5. Chewbacca2004

    Diy? Houses Treats And Toys

    Hello Recently in the colder months I have been trying to find cost effective and fun toys treats and houses for the pigs as it is too wet and chilly for them to go out in the run I have tried lots of options but would like to hear your tutorial suggestions! To start it off I'd recommend the...
  6. Piggiemum7

    Easy Homemade Treat Toy!

    I cut some holes in a toilet roll tube (bens favourite thing to gnaw on) and filled it with all his favourite veggies, leave some poking out the holes and then stuff the spaces with grass! He's been throwing it around and rumble strutting for ages!