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  1. Q

    New kitten and piggy question!

    First time posting here, looking for some advice for anyone who owns cats and pigs! I got a kitten last week, she is 9 weeks old at the moment, full of energy, always wanting to play, very hyper overall. My piggy is an adult and is in a C&C with a lid, and I put a blanket on top for when kitty...
  2. Jemima

    Cat has found bird nest!

    Hello to all the other cat lovers and owners here. I have two cats. One never hunts at all. The other sometimes has caught mice, but nothing more. Until yesterday. My children ran in saying he had a chick. Well, he had found a hatchling. Tiny, hardly any feathers. It was dead. I then went...
  3. DaveyCavy

    Seeking advice from pig/cat owners

    I've had my piggies for almost 2 years now, and I love them dearly. They live in a big C&C cage, get plenty of veggies and fresh hay, and lead happy pig lives. I have been wanting to adopt another pet for a while, and I recently learned about a breed of cat (Ragdoll) that is very sweet and...
  4. H

    Cats and guinea pigs?

    Good evening! My boyfriend and I currently live in a two bedroom apartment and we are looking to move to a one bedroom. Two bedrooms are getting too expensive right now! My three guinea pigs stay in a separate bedroom away from my cat. She is not allowed in the room at all. She’s very very...
  5. TheLottiediarys

    How to safely break up a cat fight

    I live in a street with many cats, And some tend to pick fights with ours and the neighbours cats. Just got home to find my neighbours cats in the middle of a bad fight! Throwing each over round the street! Which obviously is distressing to see but also I can’t leave them as they could get hit...
  6. FlannelPig

    Esa/assistance Animal Trouble?

    Hey so i was just kinda curious as to whether anyone else has run into problems similar to some stuff my wife and i just went through. About a week ago, i had my newly adopted cat registered as my assistance animal. She has been absolutely wonderful! I've never met a cat that accepts training...
  7. FlannelPig

    Weeble The Wobble Kitty!

    My wife and i were at our local shelter, walking around and looking at the cats. Toward the end out the hallway there was a tiny, 5 month old kitten taking a nap. When we got closer, she meowed and attempted to get up... but stumbled a little bit. My wife, a zoologist, immediately recognized...
  8. TheLottiediarys

    Our Cat Has Lumps On Her Belly?

    Hi guys! Poor Elphie is all booked into the vets tomorrow morning because we've found some lumps on her belly :( :( I've been looking around and researching to try to figure out what they could be, It's at the very bottom of her belly, two lumps on either side around her bladder/genital area...
  9. Little Pigs

    Can A Cat Be Around A Rabbit?

    I have a 5 year old lionhead bunny named Charlotte and a 5 year old cat named Zoe. Charlotte is a feisty girl and always puts people in place if she feels annoyed or you touch her food! Zoe is very quiet and has few strongly formed bonds, my sister, my guinea pig whom passed away 4 years ago and...
  10. Jennybug89

    My Other Little Baby!

    Before little piggy Rosie, there was kitty cat Alfie. Technically he's actually my parents cat. We've always had cats at home over the years but he's my favourite little guy. Best part of visiting the parents house haha. He has the loveliest personality. Celebrating his second birthday this weekend!
  11. Jennybug89

    Random Kitty And Euthanasia Question

    So this happened a few years ago but as I'm new to this thread I just thought I'd ask your opinions. I used to have three cats when I lived at home, Midnight, Buffy and Jack. Buffy was a beautiful long hair ginger and white cat. He had health problems from the get go. Nothing as bad as the rest...
  12. AngryTeacup

    Can A Guinea Pig And A Cat Live Together?

    Unfortunately, I recently lost a beloved rabbit that lived in a hutch in the garden. Often we would let him and my 3 year old (approximately) guinea pig out together and they would play and eat in the sun. Since the loss, we have been thinking about getting a rescue cat. But I don't want to get...