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  1. lauryn1289

    Guinea pigs and fleas

    Hi everybody, sorry if this post is inappropriate because it’s about guinea pigs but also not EXCLUSIVELY about guinea pigs. Basically my cat Miss Keisha is having recurring issues with hair loss that one of my vets now thinks could actually be caused by irritation from a flea allergy. She’s a...
  2. oofitsnaomi

    Guinea Pigs and Cats?

    My adorable hamster is getting quite old and is nearing the end of his life in maybe the next six months. Although I love him so much and would never want him to die, I have been thinking about getting another pet after he crosses the rainbow bridge. My parents have been considering a cat, which...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Do you agree with allowing animals to meet?

    I’ve always been very much against letting animals of certain species meet. Obviously it’s bad to let something like a snake meet a mouse as it’s the natural prey for many snakes. And in terms of health certain animals can carry diseases that could be harmful if passed from species to species...
  4. TheLottiediarys

    How can I juggle the needs of my animals?

    Hi guys, Just lately my cat Koda has been behaving really naughtily, he’s weed, Pood and vomited (not really his fault but unpleasant) on our bed, he scratches us in the process (which is happening in the middle of the night), jumps on us from the headboard and generally behaves very annoyingly...
  5. NatalieW

    Pigs Living Inside With Indoor Only Cats

    Hi everyone. My Mum has been looking after my two remaining elderly guinea pigs, who have always lived outside. she has brought them back to me today, and we both think they are too old and it is too cold for them to be outside now. Matilda has been acting very slow and I think its better if...
  6. TheLottiediarys

    Does Anyone Feed Their Cat Fresh Cooked Meat Rather Then Pouches?

    Hi guys :) Looking into feeding my two cats fresh cooked meat each day along side dry food. They've both been quite poor recently with bladder infections, poorly tummy and bad skin from an bad allergy to flea bites, Various vet visits to rule out anything sinister and taking them both off wet...
  7. Celine298

    Guinea Pigs And Cats

    There has been a massive influx of cats in our local scantury lately, most rescued from research facilities. I considering getting one but obviously it's risky with them being natural hunters and rodents being their prey. Has anyone got any feedback on how their other pets get along with guinea...
  8. TheLottiediarys

    My Cat Sits Very Oddly Sometimes!

    Here's Elphie just sticking her leg out? She's one for weird sitting positions, Do anyone else's Cats sit in very odd looking positions?
  9. ChloeCee98

    Pros And Cons To Getting A Kitten!

    So my boyfriends brothers cat had kittens about 4.5 weeks ago. I've been to see them almost every week now and have fallen in love! I've had kittens and cats in the past and I am more of a cat person than a dog person! My boyfriend finally gave up and said I could have one when they're ready to...
  10. abigailsi0bhan

    Cat Repellent?

    Hello! First poster here! First and foremost, I have nothing against cats personally. I quite like the animals, and adore looking after my sister's. However, I cannot sit by and let them torment my guinea pigs and kill birds in my garden! My issue is that we also own a dog who, firstly, is...
  11. AngryTeacup

    Can A Guinea Pig And A Cat Live Together?

    Unfortunately, I recently lost a beloved rabbit that lived in a hutch in the garden. Often we would let him and my 3 year old (approximately) guinea pig out together and they would play and eat in the sun. Since the loss, we have been thinking about getting a rescue cat. But I don't want to get...