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  1. Jloveslife22

    Ongoing dental issues many surgeries done. Roots? Mandibular?

    Hi everyone, My name is Jess I'm from Brisbane, Queensland Australia and have such an unusual case I felt sharing the story here may be worthwhile incase someone has answers. I've hunted google many times and keep landing on posts here with answers. Will try do a brief summary keep it super...
  2. Jasper'sMama

    Lump on side

    Hello! This is my first time posting here, I really need an opinion on what to do. I have a 4 1/2-5 year old guinea pig named Jasper. I've had her for about four years now with no health concerns or scares. I handle her pretty frequently, and within a few days she developed a lump on her right...
  3. Kiko+Peanut

    Anyone Else For The Ccc? (crested Cavy Club)

    Well, we all know @Betsy's Dennis has the Stripey Nose Club and Kiko was happy to know that she qualified! But Peanut was jealous because Kiko got to join the cool kids. So Peanut decided she wanted her own club! The Crested Piggies. It can be Self Crested or American Crested. Peanut just...
  4. TheCavyFamily

    Guinea Pig Tatoos

    Arent these tatoos beautiful! (These are not mine, the photos were taken off the internet) I wanted to post something but I didn't know what so this should do it:tu: P.S. Happy New Years from my piggies and I (:
  5. Taylor S

    Lethargic Guinea Pigs & Death..

    Hello, I've tried browsing the forums but I couldn't find what I needed so here goes.. So in the summer this year (August) I rescued some guinea pigs, 5 months of age, supposedly 3 females.. Well, my two sow guinea pigs recently had pups (over a month ago in October). The boar is now...
  6. Isabela

    Help Guinea Pigs Fighting!

    Hello, I need serious help. Lounge Small Pet Cage | Free P&P on orders £29+ at zooplus! This is my cage. It's big and has two floors. My pigs are 4 months old, bought together 3 weeks ago and are both females. At first they were afraid and were always together and hiding and in some time they...
  7. Piggiesxoxo

    Grazing On Sprayed Grass

    I don't know whether to graze my Guinea pigs on weed killer. It's been a couple months and lots of rain.
  8. Momma_Nerd

    Re-introducing After Long Vet Stay

    Hello! I have a question which I can't seem to find any info about. I have two lively boar 10 week old cavies and sadly one (Doty) got an upper resp infection and is having a stay at the vet for about 10 days. I know he will be fine and we will get him back in no time but I'm worried about his...
  9. Stewybus

    Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue - New Facebook Adoption Group

    I'm pleased to announce that Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue have a new Facebook Adoption page where our guinea pigs available can be easily found by type ie Male Pairs, Female Pairs, Wife & Husboar Pairs, Solo Females, Neutered Solo Males, Unneutered Solo Males. To find what you're looking for...
  10. Stewybus

    Molly & Rosie Going Stir Crazy

    Here's another Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue video. Molly & Rosie aka the chipmunks as they're always chipping away at their bars especially just before veggie time tonight. Rosie is 3-year-old and mother of 18-month-old Molly. They are available for adoption now to live in a 5 star forever home...
  11. Celine298

    Itchy Pig

    Hi guys! A while ago I posted a thread here about my boy Sunny. He had a fungal infection in his skin but has since been treated and given the all clear by the vet. He was also checked for mange mites and given the all clear. This was a few months ago and he's still quite itchy. He's and Abby...
  12. kawaii_guineas

    Please Help My Piggies With Their Vets Competition

    Hi everyone. My piggies vet are holding a competition where the prize is $500 towards vet bills. Their video entry has made it into the top ten and today is the last day of voting. I'd really love it if you could vote for our video. It is titled 'A day in the life of Thurman and Hubert'. Here is...