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  1. toodledoodler

    When/if to separate?

    Hello fellow piggie-lovers, I recently posted a thread alike this one, but things have changed since then. My two 12-week-old and 13-week-old guinea pigs just do not seem to get along. Freddie (dominant) just won't leave Wilbur alone sometimes. I also notice that WIlbur gets a bit annoyed when...
  2. jessiejazz

    Teeth Chattering

    Hi all! I just recently adopted a new guinea pig from a guinea pig rescue -- they observed him to be happier when alone in a cage as opposed to with a companion so they asked that I adopt him out on his own, though I'm home all the time with virtual schooling and work from home, so he's going to...
  3. BrusselnSprout

    Teeth chattering/grinding please help!

    Earlier today I noticed Sprout sat in his cage chattering and grinding his teeth really loudly. Since then he’s been doing this on and off all day. He seems to be eating normally and there aren’t any obvious signs of injury but I’m worried because he’s never done this before. I’ve made a vet’s...
  4. basicpiggies

    Sudden Aggression From Sow

    Hi everyone. I have three guinea pigs. Two of them I adopted at the same time and they’ve always been glued at the hip and very close. Starting last night, one of them has seemed to not be able to coexist with the other one. Even if her friend passes her, she starts loudly chattering and getting...
  5. A

    Bonding Boars Day 8 - Bite on Ear

    Hi, today is Day 8 of the bonding process of our two boars. Quite still in the dominance phase. Woke up this morning and inspected the piggies for bites and scratches and found the submissive one (Georgie) with a decent bite out of his ear. (see picture) I know that ear nibbling is part of the...
  6. kikidee

    Help A Piggy Mama Out: Bonded Boars Suddenly Hate Each Other.

    I have two boys- Max and Maverick. I've had them for about 6 mos and they have always squabbled and done the whole dominance thing, but they never seriously fought. As an example, they would have (what I call) chatter fights where they get angry and circle each other but they never actually...
  7. HeatherW

    Teeth Chattering - Fast And Slow

    I've read that fast teeth chattering is meant aggressively, but is that always the case? Could it sometimes be meant defensively if a pig is feeling a little unsure or nervous? When I feed my piggies their fresh fruit and veg, Jasmine has occasionally approached the bars of the cage chattering...
  8. Newpiggiemom

    New Piggie Mom, Help Please

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across this site after my endless google searching and I’m glad I can finally just share my own story. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve wanted pigs all my life and now I’m in my 20’s and finally got my dream! About 3 months ago I got two male pigs (from the same...
  9. Zelsi

    Bonded Boars - Sudden Fight? Please Help!

    I have two boars Monty (2.5yrs) and Simba (1yr) who I bonded last month. Thread here: Bonding Two Boars - Advice Needed! Since the bonding they did get a lot better, ate together, slept together etc. with Monty being the dominant one. Over the past week there was more chattering and nosing...
  10. Jesspiggies

    3 Sows: Tips To Help Bonding

    Hi guys, I had one sow (Berry, around 6 years old) originally and 2 days ago I took in two young sows (pumpkin, and Wednesday, both around 6 months old) So basically, when they were first out together they were wonderful, they were eating together on neutral surroundings. I had a couple of...
  11. AdamFrench

    Post Op Advice

    Hi, our 18 month old sow had surgery 41 hours ago to remove a mammary cyst and nipple, and a sebaceous cyst from her rump. Each has produced a 50mm stitched wound, knitted with dissolvable stitches. She's still a lot less active but is eating hay and veggies from my hand and some on her own and...
  12. M

    Piggies Just Started Fighting

    I have had 2 pigs who are brothers for about 3 months now. They are close to a year old and have been together since birth, although they're not from the same litter. When we adopted them they were fine, but over the last few days that have started chattering and fighting frequently, and I don't...