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chew toys

  1. BaoandBoba

    Guinea pigs won’t chew

    My Guinea pigs don’t like to chew. I’ve bought them different kinds of chewies, but they’re not very interested. My piggie Boba will only chew critter pops and my piggie Bao won’t chew anything. I try to give them them a baby carrot everyday because it’s their favorite and it’s harder to chew so...
  2. Nandu

    Toys, Chew toys, Enrichment, Ideas?

    Hey! I have 2 guinea pigs, Pat and Dumbly. Pat is 6 months old and Dumbly is around 5 1/2 (we don't know exactly) Recently, we got them a wooden tunnel which they can chew. Dumbly is a BIG chewer. They seem to be loving running through it and Dumbly likes chewing it. We also have a tiny red...
  3. L

    Guinea pig Safe Paint?

    Hi all, I’m looking to make some little chew toys for my Guinea pigs and my hamsters and I don’t know how to paint the chews in a safe way. Would a water based, non-toxic acrylic paint be safe? Or should I avoid this? I would use soy paint but i can’t find it anywhere. Any suggestions are very...
  4. ashleemelda

    What To Chew On?

    About 3-4 weeks ago, I moved my guinea pigs into a new, larger cage. Since moving them in there, they have shown absolutely no interest in the cardboard and toilet paper rolls I leave around for them to chew on - they would go crazy for them in their old cage! Based on this, I was wondering what...
  5. Raaaachel

    Matatabi Sticks - are they okay for guinea pigs?

    Hi all! So recently I bought what I thought were normal chew sticks on amazon. Turns out they are cat’s Matatabi sticks/Silvervine sticks. On the listing, it says they they are suitable for all rodents as well but I’m not sure as I can’t find any information on the web in regards to guinea pigs...
  6. GeorgiaHarris

    online toy shops?

    I want to get some new toys for my two boys and I really like the look of the ones from Zoe and Lilos toy box however they're pretty expensive and I live in the UK. Does anyone know of any good online stores that are similar to them and are decently priced?
  7. Bella123

    Chew Toys

    Just wondering what chew toys does everyone else uses. I've tried the small willow balls with a lot of success but didn't like them in the end as one of the twigs ended up nearly scratching Flashes eye, :yikes: so I took them out. The large willow balls they dont seem to touch at...