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  1. Y

    Dirty/ stinky

    I let my guinea pig run around my room and my room is carpet floors and my room stinks and what I’m going to do to solve this is potty train my guinea pig and get a air purifier but I don’t know how to get the fur out of the carpet, what air purifier should I get and how should I get the fur out...
  2. Annie Robbins

    Washing stinky fleece bedding suggestions

    Hey everyone! I use fleece blankets as bedding in my pigs cage along with two potty’s and puppy pads that go underneath. Lately I cannot get the musky smell out of the fleece beddings. I’ve been washing with tide and borax odor eliminator. I have NOT been using frabic softener...
  3. J

    Poops Sticking To Fleece

    Hello, Ive owned 2 guinea pigs for about a year. I originally used fleece bedding but it was too difficult to clean the cage because the poop and hay kept sticking to the fleece.I had to switch over to paper bedding but now i want to give fleece another shot. I created a kitchen area so the hay...
  4. Jennybug89

    Thorough Cage Clean Out

    What cleaners or disinfectants do you guys use to give your cages a thorough wash? I want to make sure I'm using something piggy safe :nod:
  5. Cavy Kung-Fu

    A New Man.

    Young Iggy has had a nice bath, the colour of the water cannot be described in words. All in preparation for his official date with his wives next week! As you can see he's white again, no more beige for this fella! Enjoying his reward for being a good boy, even if he did climb out of his...
  6. Guineapigfeet

    Cleaning Day!

    I do love a clean shed! They still don't go in the big house
  7. Beans&Toast

    Bath Time For Toast

    So my little Toasty needed a late night bath because she peed and poo'd all over her hair (she has long hair at her bum) and it got in quite a mess.. Needless to say she was not amused..
  8. Little Ones

    Strange Noises When Cleaning?

    Ive been meaning to join this website for a while but every issue I've had with my piggies has been resolved but not this one, I'm unsure about a noise my guinea pigs are making when they clean themselves. It's kind of like a bubbling noise but it's not, it's hard to explain, first only Honey...