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cleaning fleece

  1. NatalieGee

    New to fleece - it's smelly?

    Hi all. My boar has just had surgery to remove a mammary tumor, and our vet told us to set up a smaller cage for him while he recovers, so he is in a 2x3 C&C instead of his 2x6. We've just switched to fleece bedding, and I'm finding it very smelly - is that normal? I bought fleece cage liners...
  2. rooandmaple

    Cleaning fleeces

    Hey everyone! Sure this is an obvious answer but I’m thinking about changing the bedding to fleece but I don’t know what detergent and everything to use as last time I tried it didn’t end too well 😬 Thanks :)
  3. J

    Poops Sticking To Fleece

    Hello, Ive owned 2 guinea pigs for about a year. I originally used fleece bedding but it was too difficult to clean the cage because the poop and hay kept sticking to the fleece.I had to switch over to paper bedding but now i want to give fleece another shot. I created a kitchen area so the hay...