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  1. Kirbs

    help asap pls, eye problem

    So earlier today we noticed Blueberry's eye looked a bit funny and throughout the day it got progressively worse. I just went to check on him and it's all red and he seems to struggle with keeping it open. I've checked multiple times and there doesn't seem to be anything in it. He has a dodgy...
  2. R

    Cloudy eyes with dark rims.

    Hey guys, this is my first post here because i wanted to ask some other guinea pig lovers if this is seen as normal or if this is reason the visit the vet. We just had a wellness check by an exotic vet, and everything was normal. however, today i noticed one of my guys had dark purple cloudy rim...
  3. K

    1 Eye Duller, Drier, Little Cloudy

    Hello I got a new guinea pig yesterday after years of not having any and I'm quite worried about this eye (see photos below). His other is lovely and bright but this one seems slightly receded with a patch of cloudiness on it. It is drier than the other and has a very small amount of crustiness...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Cloudy Eye

    I just had Beans out for cuddles there and I noticed her left eye looked cloudy, almost like there was some kind of film covering it.. With a slightly blue tinge?.. It doesn't seem to be watering or anything at the moment, just looks like a film over it, as if she's got a contact lense in if...
  5. LydiaMinx

    Cloudy Eye After Long Treated Hay-poke And Recent Dental Trouble

    Hey guys, me again! Hopefully I can take a break from posting in this section of the forum soon :bye: So Badger, as detailed in a separate thread, has had dental issues this week. I think I managed to get it under wraps pretty quickly, first noticed he was under the weather on Friday night, he...
  6. Piggiemum7

    Cloudy Eye After Hay Poke

    I noticed my guinea pig Jerry had a small piece of hay stuck under the lid above his eye which I bathed with hot water and managed to get out without much fuss. I'm just a little worried as his eye has clouded over and the normally white areas have turned red. I'm going to take him to the vets...
  7. HaleyK

    I'm Super Worried For My Piggie's Eye! Please Help!

    Just today I noticed that she was squinting and it was a little wet around her eye. When I took a closer look I saw that her one eye was practically flat unlike the healthy one which is the usual bubble-like shape. Also this eye was cloudy, I couldn't even see her dark brown coloring to it. I...