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  1. B

    Help With Timid Guinea and Eye Drops - (Vet Diagnostic of Conjunctivitis)

    Hi, Could anyone help me with my little boy Biscoffi, we recently got our two little boys Biscoffi and Toffee. But yesterday, when cleaning the cage and then feeding them some lettuce I noticed that Biscoffi had one of his eyes squinted so I got an appointment the same day at the vets. And...
  2. Ono&Lennon

    Help Appreciated - Bright red eye, Cherry Eye, Conjunctivitis?

    This is my 4 year old skinny pig Lennon. This morning I noticed the bottom half of his eye is a very bright red, blood colour. He has no other symptoms besides this. Eating tons, running around, not bothered in the slightest. He does have a brother that he lives with (Ono). They get along well...
  3. W

    Sore skin

    Hi, I have a guinea pig called Butter Ball who has on going eye issues after he had an injury to it. He is blind in one of his eyes now even after treatment, however he doesn't seem in pain and we are reluctant to have it removed due to him being around 5-7 years old. Recently he got...
  4. M

    PLEASE HELP - Crusty Eye

    At first it was just little white flakes that would go away, assuming she cleaned them off herself. Now it’s gotten this bad in the span of 3-4 days. It’s only in her left eye, and my other piggy doesnt have it. She also hasnt been eating as many pellets as before. Her and her sister would...
  5. F

    Specialist Sore eye

    Hello! Long time lurker, but first time poster. I hope you lovely lot can help. My beautiful girl, Blossom, a dark eyed buff short hair, has been struggling with what I thought was conjunctivitis for a few weeks now. I’ve been treating her with Optrex Infected Eyes (chloramphenicol) but it’s...
  6. W

    White Crust Around Eye

    I noticed today that my piggy Nymeria is closing one of her eyes at times (like slow blinking) and has white crust around said eye. She has this white crust some times and my vet told me it's normal but she usually doesn't close her eyes like that. She has been dewormed last week and shows no...
  7. Charlotte behan


    one of my guinea pigs was diagnosed with conjunctivitis last week so I've been giving him eye drops 2-3 times a day, but now the other one is starting to show symptoms e.g. Half closing eye, a little residue in corner. Should I be worried or is this a common problem. He doesn't seem as bad as...
  8. HayHay

    Any Experience With Or Advice For Eye Infection/eye Ulcer!

    Hi I'm new to the forum but I've owned guinea pigs for a really long time but in this last week I ran into a problem with my pig Eloise where she developed an eye infection and I'm in need of advice! First off, Eloise is an extremely old guinea pig and is 7 years old and has never had any...