1. Livvysquish

    Cavvy shows?

    Hey! I've been wondering about cavvy shows here in the UK and was contemplating entering my pigs (once the pandemic is over) as I think they're gorgeous with lovely soft fur and big eyes and tick off a few perfect standards for coronets. I'm not sure what the general opinions of these cavvy...
  2. WafflesCupcakes

    Pigture Contest 2!

    Alright! Here's the second annual unofficial pigture contest! This time there's a theme... Piggy Friends! Enter your cutest photo of your pigs cuddling, playing or snoozing together (or anything else together XD ) or maybe you are your piggies best friend, selfies always welcome ;) other...
  3. WafflesCupcakes

    Unofficial Pigture Contest!

    For fun, I've decided to hold a little picture contest for your pigs! All you have to do is enter your best pigture and tell me a bit about your pig! I will judge the best one on January 5th, and the winner will get a sketch of their winning pig (I'm a bit of an artist :D) Here is an example...