could definantly use advise

  1. Ruby200e

    Getting a new friend

    So I have a New Guinea pig his name is Chorizo I’ve had him for about a week now, he lets me pet him and hand feed him, but really doesn’t let me pick him up. I want to get him a new friend but I’m not sure what age should I get the other piggie, Chorizo is about 2 months, so should I get...
  2. i<3piggys

    just got new piggy could possibly uses advise

    ok so i just picked up my new piggy (she is beautiful) and this is my first time bonding piggys as my other 3 came together. first i took them out of their normal cage and i have them in a nutral invirement so i can watch them. So far alot of rumble strutting and a few nips but for the most part...