1. Beans&Toast

    Urgent Appointment For Beans- But With A New Vet.

    Earlier Beans was making a horrible rattling/crunchy sound when she was breathing and I couldn't wake her up, her eyes opened eventually but they were kind of darting back and forth, she was flat like a pancake and it took a lot for me to wake her up, it's like she was completely out of it for a...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Possible Heart Problem For Toast.

    I haven't really been on here in ages. I've been so busy travelling with work then my Mum's been really ill on top of the pigs being ill too :( I have a horrible feeling Toast has a heart problem. For well over 6 months now she's been making the hooting/crackling sounds accompanied with...
  3. D

    3yr Old Piggy Making Cracking Noise After Being Dropped.

    We recently adopted 2 three year old piggies and have never had piggies before. .tonight my daughter was holding her piggie and it squirmed out of her hands and landed back in the cage..poor piggie seemed fine a little stunned.. then we noticed like a raspy cracking sound, I'm not sure I'd this...