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  1. B

    Guinea Pig Impossible To Get Out Of Cage

    Hi we have had a guinea pig for a month now, and she is very happy in her cage, and makes squeaking noises when we come in the room, but she hates being picked up. I have tried everything other then picking her up, like boxes but she just backs up. She is very strong and good at wiggling, so...
  2. E_Blackaby

    Popcorning Or Something Else?

    Hi! Basically I adopted one of my 4 pigs Poppy about 2 weeks ago (she came paired with my other girl Gigi) and she's great I love her she's so lively and naughty. She just keeps doing this weird little thing I have included some screen shots from a video I took to show you because I couldn't...
  3. Julie M

    Guinea Pigs Make You Lol.

    When you're trying to have a long lye and you hear a ding ding ding noise (think someone tapping on the rim of a glass) and you go through to the piggy room and find this! Peanut hitting the side of his EMPTY ceramic food dish with his wooden watermelon toy. Room service!!