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crusty eye

  1. L

    Persistent one eye squinting, with slight crust

    Hello, I have a young boar (approx 4-5 months) who has been with us for nearly 2 months. He is paired with my 3 year old boar and they get along well. The past 3 weeks he has been squinting his right eye; he did not have this when I first brought him home. I recently noticed he has some slight...
  2. L

    Crusty Eyelid?

    Hi, today I realized that the left eyelid of one of my guinea pig babies looks kind of swollen and crusty, but we aren’t sure what the cause might be. He doesn’t seem to have any problems with it, but it definitely looks like something is wrong. Otherwise, he is very healthy, eats and poops...
  3. P

    Crusty eye?

    My guinea pigs recovered from a URI about two weeks ago. Yesterday, we picked them up from a four-night stay at my grandma's house. After bringing them back home, I noticed one of my piggies had a bit of white crust in the inner corner of her eye. Although a bit sleepy, she was acting and eating...
  4. W

    White Crust Around Eye

    I noticed today that my piggy Nymeria is closing one of her eyes at times (like slow blinking) and has white crust around said eye. She has this white crust some times and my vet told me it's normal but she usually doesn't close her eyes like that. She has been dewormed last week and shows no...
  5. S

    Guinea Eyes , Should I Be Concerned?

    Hello everyone, please bare with me as I'm brand new to the whole forum thing. Everyone seems to be so helpful so I'd like to ask a few questions about my sweet little piggy if that's alright! His names Chewie, and he's almost about 5 years old, so he's already a pretty old man. His mommas a...
  6. hayyish

    Sick Guinea Pig?

    Around two days ago, I noticed my Jaq Jaq had milky discharge built up around his eye. I looked it up to find that it was normal. Now usually, I'd let it go but when I tried giving him some celery-which he usually will scarf down-he just nibbled on it. I noticed when I picked him up he was slow...