cuddle buddies

  1. LauraH3

    Work Buddy

    I work from home as an online auto auction scout attending physical auctions two times a week which only takes up half my day. I'm also an illustrator and comic artist so I spend heaps and heaps of time at my desk working. Because of the amount of time I spend alone I’ve been looking into...
  2. meggles1410

    Introducing Bluebell And Maisie Being My Little Goof Again

    after my posts i finally got pictures of little Bluebell and some of Maisie finally back to her old self! Maisie is so happy and relaxed again, snuggling and pancaking :wub::wub: also starting a grooming routing with Bluebell after preaching about the importants of it all the time at work (I'm...
  3. meggles1410

    New Girl! Maisie Is In Love Again!

    Hiii x I posted yesterday about how scared I was about going to get a baby for my guinea pig who lost her soul/cage mate last month! Well I got her! a beautiful Peruvian! I was up till the wee hours and woke up early with mixes emotions and butterfly's! The breeder had loada to choose from...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Beans And Toast Are Back Together!

    After 4 days of the piggies being seperated by a divider (to monitor Toast while on meds) they are now back together and loving all the space they have:D This is how their cage was set up while divided.. But now they're reunited and getting used to their new layout :D Now...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Beans' Ear Must Have Been Burning...

    Earlier on today I mentioned in a thread that Beans can be a grumpy little pig and doesn't always like hugs or to be petted (I love her just the same) Well she must have known I was talking about her because about 30 minutes ago she was eeking at me to be picked up, and once I did she made...
  6. Beans&Toast

    Lazy Day Cuddles With My Girls

    A rare Sunday off work means a lazy day with my Mum, and lots of hugs for my beautiful girls:love: (I can't have cuddles with them together for too long because they fight over me :P)
  7. hinamimini

    My Adorable Babies!

    Chilling out and watching some TV