1. elian

    Emmie’s Intro: A.K.A Troublesome Lovable Bean

    Name: Emmie No idea why I can’t type her nickname so I’ll just not put it... My glamour shot: Silliest Photo: When I put brocolli on her head because it turns out she will not touch it. She walked around like this for about a minute without shaking it off 😂 Cutest thing about me...
  2. Isabela

    Guinea Pig Talking When Cuddling

    Hello. When I pick up my guinea pigs and it's cuddling time they are talking to themselves. Does anybody know what that means? Also when I pick them up and stroke them they are vibrating and purring. I don't think that is good since they look annoyed. Always after I try to pick them up. Also...
  3. court29x

    Late Night Cuddles

    We saw the piggies were getting a bit moody with each other so we got them out for some late night cuddles with mommy and daddy :luv: Noodle tried to make a quick escape across the bed and give me a heart attack but my boyfriend caught her and Beansprout fell fast asleep in my arms:hug::wub:
  4. Squidgypigs

    Ultimate Piggy Pileup Snugglefest!

    This is currently our largest 'mini herd' of the five daughters of Blondie and Football; Rhona, Marilyn, Britney, Princess Bagel-Baby and Doughnut.