1. W

    Advice on lap time

    Hi all! Got my first two lady piggies recently, we have them a week now and they are settling in so well, they eat their veggies from our hands and have started to become very vocal for their dinner time etc. They are about 11/12 weeks old. Can anyone give me advice on when to start lap time...
  2. V

    When should I Start Picking Up My Guinea Pigs?

    Hello! New Here & New owner! I adopted a teddy sow pair from a nearby rescue, (Stella & Luna) and I've had them for just over 2 weeks now. I have YouTube Vids of them in a playlist if ppl wanna see them. I'd like to know when it would be the best time to handle them and get them used to...
  3. Elgifu321

    My Happy Little Trio :)

    Introduced Ronan (4 week old texel) to my other two tonight and it went really well! I have Caspar, a 5 week old teddy and Rupert, a 4 year old part sheltie. Poor Rupert with all these babies! He popcorned when he first saw them both so I think he's happy for the company! I know I might get...