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cute piggies

  1. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    Missed Halloween but have to share!

    So, due to illness I wasn't able to get these photos into the competition, but still wanted to share my girls enjoying their first Halloween! I had planned to make them a corn husk doll, and maybe a little scarecrow stuffed with hay, but because of my flare up this week I had to keep it simple...
  2. rinlalin

    Meet Caramel!

    hello all! today, i decided to pick up a second guinea pig. his name is caramel! i'm in love with him already! he's a baby, about 1 month old. he's just so precious! give him lots of love in the thread EDITED BY A MODERATOR
  3. Jennybug89

    My Babies

    Little Rosie and Rachel had a groom while I was cleaning out their cages today. Oh they melt my heart.