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  1. C

    New Guinea pig with ruptured tumor/cyst?

    So my uncle has had a female guinea pig for about 5 years. She was living with her babies, but they were given away, as well as the male since he was not neutured and hard to contain. He has rescued several cats, moved, and has other personal things which don’t give him enough time for a Guinea...
  2. N

    Weird lump in pelvic area

    So when I picked up my guinea pig, Sabrina, I noticed that she had a weird lump (sort of between her nipples) when I pushed on it, it moved. It was about the size of a penny and very firm. My first instinct was to squeeze it a little to see if it hurt (it didn’t) or was something that would just...
  3. dannif_piggies

    Advice on Spaying a six year old piggy

    So back around May time, Honey was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, and the options we were given was to spay or have a hormone impnat put into the scruff of her neck. Obviously the spay would be a permanent fix, but the implant would cause less distress, and potentially be "safer" for Honey due to...
  4. Jasper'sMama

    Lump on side

    Hello! This is my first time posting here, I really need an opinion on what to do. I have a 4 1/2-5 year old guinea pig named Jasper. I've had her for about four years now with no health concerns or scares. I handle her pretty frequently, and within a few days she developed a lump on her right...
  5. Moana

    Cyst Care

    Hi! I've recently encountered my first cyst with my guinea baby, Moana. She has never had problems (other than a gunky eye not too long ago, but it's all better). She's a pretty fluffy guinea, being an abbey and all, so I didn't see or notice the cyst till today, and my initial reaction was...
  6. Nicky71

    What Is This ?

    Help . I am taking piggy to vet tomorrow after I found this on him tonight . It is above his butt to the right . He seems fine in himself , normal behaviour , eating , pooping etc . But in the meantime what should I do ? Should I clean it and if so what with ? Looks like an open wound with...
  7. naomi.davies7

    Large Fast Growing Lump

    Hi everyone, My boy Burt has a massive lump under his front left arm. He was a rescue so don’t know his exact age but he’s around 4. It seems to have grown really quickly and he doesn’t seem to be in any pain when I touch it. He’s eating and acting normally, I’m going to take him to the vets...
  8. sazmatazz

    Ovarian Cysts - Draining Procedure In Older Guineas

    Hi everyone. I've been meaning to post about Mabel's cyst situation for a while in the hope that it might be helpful to others. We've now had Mabel for 4.5 years, when we got her from a rescue we were told she was 3-4 yrs, so she's around 7-8 years old. Our old lady piggy <3 In the last couple...
  9. Laura_Wiggo

    Cancer In Guinea Pigs?

    Hello lovely piggy owners, I'm new here but I'm looking for some advice for my little Trotsky. My spoilt little boy is 4 years old now, he was my first guinea pig and I'd be so lost without him! He's always been a very social piggy, cheeky and noisy and loves to be around me. 2 weeks ago I...
  10. Guineapigfeet

    Bursting Cyst?

    I think BB’s cyst is bursting - I can see a ‘head’ on it but I haven’t wanted to investigate further in case I make it worse. I’ll call the vet in the morning but is there anything I should be doing now?
  11. G

    Guinea Pig Cyst

    Hello everyone. My rescued piggy is at least 6 years old. She has a very large cyst on her back which the vet said to leave alone, he gave antibiotics which she took for 10 days. This was 2 months ago. It is still oozing a little bit, which was why I took her to the vet in the first place. I...
  12. B

    Guinea Pig Lump/growth

    My Guinea Pig has a growth/lump on the centre of his back. It has a scab in the centre and in my opinion looks like it is filled with something, as if I squeezed it (which I don't plan on doing) something would come out. This is especially due to the scab in the middle seeming like it goes deep...
  13. AdamFrench

    12 Month Old Girl With A Lump?

    Hi, One of my 12 month old girls has suddenly developed a lump on the bottom of her back, just above and to the left of where her 'tail' would be. It's about the size of my thumb nail, very pronounced (like stroking her normal body shape then all of a sudden a lump, no build up or anything...
  14. D

    Large, Angry Looking Lump On Side

    So I suppose I should start from the beginning, shouldn't I? So a few months ago (maybe five or six) I noticed a small lump, about the size of a pea, on my cavy's side. I was a little panicked, because she's one of the first guinea pigs I've ever had and I had never experienced something like...
  15. charlrose1992

    Just Started Squeaking When Pooping 2 Weeks After Cyst Spay

    Hello, I have been looking after my guinea pig Hector after a spay she got done 2 weeks ago to remove her large ovarian cysts and swollen uterus which was seeping fluid out of her. She has been slowly recovering for the past two weeks as it was a much larger op than the vet anticipated and I...
  16. G

    Lump Under My Gpig's Chin Burst And Bleeding

    I have a six year old male gpig Gibby, and a four month old female Alaska. They are in separate cages obviously! :) we got our new little lady last month totally unexpectedly. We went to Petco to get supplies for Gibby and our other pets and stopped to quickly look at the babies they had...
  17. lindsayl

    Lumps On Belly

    Hi All, A few weeks ago I noticed two wee lumps on my pigs belly. They didn't seem to be bothering him at all and I thought I would wait a little while to see if his behaviour changed or if they grew in size before making an appointment at the vets. However, after looking on here I have seen a...
  18. M

    Lump: Potential Ovarian Cyst

    Vet came to see my Millie (who only turned 2) last monday after I noticed she had been loosing weight and was lethargic. He said she most likely has an ovarian cyst (which can be felt)... but unable to tell exatly what it is unless he opens her up (no ultrasounds or blood tests available in...
  19. LydiaMinx

    Hard Lump On Chin/jaw

    Boris, my 4 year old boar, has literally just developed a hard lump on his chin/left jaw area. It's sitting directory under his jaw bone, but isn't causing trouble eating or seeming to bother him at all, even when touched. I can't recall it being there a few days ago - it's pretty hard to miss...