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daily care

  1. Cherri

    Cheaper To Buy Food/bedding Online?

    This might not be the right forum to ask, but what's your opinion on buying food and bedding in bulk and online? If it's a good idea, websites to visit?
  2. SingstarPiggies

    Need Guinea Pig Routine!?

    Hi, I seriously need a loose guinea-pig routine that fits into my school day with a lot of detail please! :D Thanks, (sorry I know this is short) Emma x
  3. Fizzywoz

    Guinea Pig Survey For University

    Hello my name is Sarah and i'm a university student in the UK. It would be fantastic if any of you could quickly do a quick 10 question survey. It will help me get my degree in Applied Animal Studies. The survey is about guinea pig welfare. Follow the link below and if you have any questions...
  4. C

    Mind Your Own Business Plant

    I have a lot of "Mind Your Own Business" growing in my garden. Does anyone know if it's OK for my piggies to eat?