daily diet

  1. Panchito & Fisgon's Dad.

    Daily diet. (8 months old piggies).

    Hello everyone, I've been researching a lot lately, and I've found that probably the diet I have my babies on now is probably a bit wrong. I already know the amount of veggies, hay and pellets they should have on the daily basis but, I'm a bit confused on the veggies I should give them...
  2. Squid's Mom

    Daily Critical Care?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and I have an 8 week old guinea pig named Squid. He had a rough entry into my life as I got him and his brother, Triscuit, from Petco only to have Triscuit cough up blood and die 4 days later. Needless to say Squid was rushed to the vet soon after and was treated for a...
  3. Mystic_corgi

    How much?

    My guinea pigs love their pellets, but I am scared I am over feeding them I tend to just take a 1 cup scoop and barely fill it up to cover the bottom is that too little or too much?
  4. alphadox

    Girls and Boy Keep Wanting More Veggies?

    So I give both my girls unlimited bluegrass or 2nd cut Timothy hay placed out during the day, the measured out bowl of pellets, water bottle refilled daily, and veggie plate recommendation in long term diet spread out morning and night minus green bean they dont like it. There's never bloat or...
  5. G

    Veggie servings

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). After a lot of research I settled on 1 cup of veggies for each of them per day. Currently, I feed them 3 times a day. Kind of like breakfast lunch dinner. I don’t feed them a cup per meal. Instead, I feed 1/3 of the cup at each meal. I’m deciding...
  6. Willow&Kai

    Vet vs Animal Rescue diet advice

    I've been feeding my guinea pig Willow capsicum (two kinds), carrot (only a thin slice), cucumber (again, only a thin slice) and lettuce daily - this diet was approved by a guinea pig rescue when I was looking to buy a second guinea pig. However I have just taken Willow to the vets today (the...
  7. BenjiAndButtons

    Daily Veggies

    Hi everyone, I've come to realise I should of been feeding my pigs kale every day (bad mummy). So decided to keep the pigs off veggies for a day or two as a precaution, don't want upset tummies So my question is.. what greans can I feed them daily that won't upset their tummies,.. also I've...
  8. frodoandsam

    Good and bad veggies?

    :help: I have been feeding my guinea pigs kale, romaine lettuce, bell peppers and carrots. But, when researching if kale stems are okay, I ran into a few sites/people that said kale should be fed once a week or two weeks even and that it isn't good for them? I was wondering if this is true...