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dental op

  1. kaitlynlovesgpigsx

    not eating after dental check

    so toby our 2.5 year old pig was found on saturday covered in drool. he went straight to vet who as having experience with pig teeth we knew he had malocclusion. vet says that yes back teeth were slightly overgrown but biggest issue was one in particular where food had gotten stuck round the...
  2. Beans&Toast

    Dental Vet Stumped By Toast's Dental Problem

    Sorry this is slighlty long but I'll try keep this as to the point as I can. Today Toast had her 6th or 7th dental (I've lost count) in the space of around 1 year. Up until now, the issue has always been that her back molars were slightly over growing by about 3 mm over a period of time and...
  3. G

    Eating Issues - Possible Dental

    Hi, our guinea pig started having some eating difficulties around the start of June, just eating slowly and opening her mouth wide, almost looking like she was yawning and clearly having something irritating her in her mouth. We took her to the vet, who advised us that it was likely her back...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Toast Needs To Be Spayed (i Think).

    My vet and I have agreed today that it would be sensible to spay Toast. I'm really having second thoughts though and would appreciate your opinions on this as I'm terrified about it. (I apologise in advance as it's quite a long read) For over a year now Toast has been having hormonal issues...
  5. cheeseandpeas

    Dental Dental Surgery

    Hi I have a four year old pig (Broccoliese) who I rescued two years ago from an owner who didn't care for or feed him properly, he had mites and poorly formed feet but has gone on to do really well with us. I took him to the vet today with A sore area under his chin, the vet asked if he...
  6. T

    Dental Guinea Pig- Post Dental Operation

    I have had my little Buzzbe since birth and he is the cuddliest cutest most adorable boy in the world. For the past 2 & 1/2 months I have been trying my best to nurse him back to health after I noticed he stopped eating and drinking overnight. I panicked and called the closest vet and they...
  7. Elgifu321

    Guinea Pig Specialists In The North West?

    I have 2 male guinea pigs that are about four years old, Oswyn (pronounced: Oz-win) and Rupert and both have generally been healthy up to now- in fact the only time I can remember visiting the vets with them was when I found a wart on Ruperts bum It's harmless though but better to be safe than...
  8. Roxi&Leyla

    Dental Dental Piggy Recovery

    Hey guys What is your experience with post op recovery after dental surgeries? My eldest Roxi had hers on Friday. Vets told me she should hopefully start eating pretty quickly. She is showing interest in food but can't bite into it. Of course it's very painful for her still, I know it's going...