1. 9

    pregnant dead oreos

    please help i’m so devastated. i had two guenia pigs given to me by my cousins one which was pregnant the other is the male. this morning i found her acting weird laying on her side and me and my mom were watching her for a while and she would tilt her head back and i would stroke her chin i...
  2. mikroulis

    Depressed pig living alone after fight

    In June 2020, I got three male guinea pigs. They were about 6 weeks old at the time, already neutered. (I got them from a breeder here in Switzerland. Assuming that everything in Switzerland is rainbows and unicorns, I did not do my due diligence, simply contacted the breeder and went to pick...
  3. S

    Pulling hair out due to boredom?

    Continuing from my last post, my pig, Simon has been losing lots of hair and I have seen him pull it. I have been to the vet multiple times and I've done every test there is (mites, cultures on the scabs, ext.) except blood work. Everything comes back negative and I remembered reading somewhere...
  4. J

    Bored, lonely guinea pig?

    I have a four year old guinea pig whose friend passed away about six months ago. My guinea pig didn't really care that her friend was gone, she was eating and drinking normally and she didn't gain or lose any weight. She didn't get depressed or anything like that. But lately i just don't know...
  5. alli081

    Depression In Piggies?

    Hi everyone, I have 3 lovely piggies who live together full-time, 2 females (Muffin and Martha) and one boy (Ice Cream). Recently Martha and Ice Cream have been a bit unsocial, often hiding away under their castles for long periods, sleeping a bit more than usual. Muffin is behaving her usual...
  6. N

    Gerbil - Lonley Gerbil After Gerbil Death

    So we had a pair of female gerbils up until recently when one passed away. The other is now lonely and We are wondering if she will be okay. We have another pair of gerbils who are her sisters which we separated from the other pair about a year or two ago because they started fighting. So we...
  7. E

    Please Help Me Help Her!

    Hi, my name is Emily. A few months ago, I fell in love with a guinea pig at a pet store. I didn't get her then, but about a month later I went back to get bedding or something and she was still there. Long story short, I got her and love her so very very much. I have never had guinea pigs...
  8. Lunaandmaggie

    Is She Depressed

    Hello I am having a problem with my older piggie who lost her cage mate about 5 months ago but I got a new one Maggie and she dose not like her. And Luna the older one is not acting as happy and she is staring at that wall should I be concerned
  9. JodiXD

    Lone Guinea Pig Wellbeing

    Hi everyone :) Beforehand tl;dr : I have a single 1yr old boar, I'm a bit worried that he's depressed, he won't mix with other boars and I am unsure about getting him neutered. General advice? The details: So I have a lone guinea called Oliver, and he's almost a year old now. I'm a student...
  10. A

    Where Is A Map Of Rescues?

    I'm the new (less than a week) mom of the sweetest little 3-4 mos. (petco) male but contrary to what petco's "expert" said I now read he needs a piggy friend and not just me & my son's attention. The petco attendant said he had another male in his cage for a bit and he tolerated him but he...