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depressed pig

  1. A

    Guinea Pig lying down at floor time

    Hi, new to the piggie parenting. I have had my guinea pig for 5 days now. He is a year and a half old black Abyssinian. The past 4 days I’ve given him food by hand (carrots, salads, pepper, hay) and he comes back to the cage door for more from me and I’ve done floor time. I take the wire part of...
  2. J

    Bored, lonely guinea pig?

    I have a four year old guinea pig whose friend passed away about six months ago. My guinea pig didn't really care that her friend was gone, she was eating and drinking normally and she didn't gain or lose any weight. She didn't get depressed or anything like that. But lately i just don't know...
  3. M

    Is my piggie gonna be okay?

    I just lost my guinea pig , Rocket, today and my other piggie, Neveen, lived in the same pen as Rocket. Neveen seems very sad, and he is just staying in the corner that Rocket passed at. I changed the bedding, but he still went to that corner. He cuddled me a lot, is he going to be okay? They...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Pigs Depressed When I'm At Work?

    Okay so this might sound a bit odd but stick with me... I've been off work for almost a month so I've been spending looooads of time with the pigs, whereas usually I work 5 days a week. I still spend lots of time with them (and my Mum is here all day with them when I'm at work) but obviously...
  5. Brianna Lupton

    Weird Behavior?

    I have a new piggy who I adopted because he was going to be put to sleep. He has a bad head tilt from an ear infection when he was born. He has not yet warmed up to me yet. He doesn't like to be held or touched. He seems depressed and doesn't like to leave his igloo. Lately in the middle of the...