1. X

    Piggy stopped eating pellets

    Hi there. One of my boys (who loves pellets and always finishes his portion) suddenly stopped having interest in them, it’s been 2 days and he hasn’t touched a single one. I’ve also noticed a change in his behavior; he is in his hidey a lot more and is barely out like he used to be. He’s still...
  2. alli081

    Depression In Piggies?

    Hi everyone, I have 3 lovely piggies who live together full-time, 2 females (Muffin and Martha) and one boy (Ice Cream). Recently Martha and Ice Cream have been a bit unsocial, often hiding away under their castles for long periods, sleeping a bit more than usual. Muffin is behaving her usual...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    I Think Bear Might Be Depressed?

    Bear is my Neutered Male. He used to live with three females in a herd, Sadly this year we suddenly lost two of the girls a few weeks apart. He still lives with Lottie, but recently this past week or so I've noticed he doesn't seem himself, He's not lost weight and he is still eating and...
  4. squeakypigs01

    Guinea Pig Suffering Possible Depression

    :help: Hiya! We have had a very eventful few weeks guinea pig wise! Last week we very sadly lost our boar ginger due to old age and a resitory infection:(. However a few days after we were lucky to wake up to a cage full of five healthy babies and their proud mum. Ginger was neutered and lived...
  5. Cherim

    2 Brothers, Depression?

    Hi all, I rescued two piggies, Charlie and Alfie, 3 year old brothers a few days ago. Whenever we visited them at the sanctuary Alfie (the smaller of the two) came out, was more inquisitive, braver, and came up to us. When we got home they explored their cage (1mx1m) and seemed okay. I remove...