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Piggy stopped eating pellets


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Oct 8, 2020
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Hi there. One of my boys (who loves pellets and always finishes his portion) suddenly stopped having interest in them, it’s been 2 days and he hasn’t touched a single one. I’ve also noticed a change in his behavior; he is in his hidey a lot more and is barely out like he used to be. He’s still eating hay and veggies and drinking water, but not as much as before. It was all really sudden so I’m not sure what it can be? Could it be depression? He used to have a cage mate but then they drew blood so we had to separate them, but we keep their cages right next to each other so they can still interact through the grates and he seemed fine with this. But maybe he needs an actual buddy now? I made an appointment with the vet, but the earliest date is Saturday, which is quite a few days away. Am I good waiting that long if this behavior continues (if he stops eating completely I’ll definitely take him to urgent care) or should I take him to the ER? Any idea on what’s going on with him? Thanks!


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Aug 2, 2018
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As your piggy Has reduced his food intake, but particularly his hay intake (as it is the most important part of their diet), along with a change in his behaviour, hiding etc, then it indicates a potential health problem And you need to step in and help him by syringe feeding him. This step is essential.
Please switch from weighing your piggy weekly to weighing him daily (at the same time each day).
You will need to step in and syringe feed him to keep his fibre intake up and his guts functioning. If he is losing weight, then he is not eating enough and you will need to syringe feed more often. The guides below detail how much you are aiming for in a 24 hour period.

I'm glad you’ve got him a vet appointment but I would try to call them and see if they’ve got any cancellations and can see him sooner than Saturday.

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