eating less

  1. X

    Piggy stopped eating pellets

    Hi there. One of my boys (who loves pellets and always finishes his portion) suddenly stopped having interest in them, it’s been 2 days and he hasn’t touched a single one. I’ve also noticed a change in his behavior; he is in his hidey a lot more and is barely out like he used to be. He’s still...
  2. 910Grace939

    Change In Diet

    I have two Guinea pigs, one of them, Molly, hasn’t been eating her regular foods. I normally feed them lettuce and peppers for their everyday meal with treats sprinkled in. But a month or so ago she started eating less and less of her normal foods. She eats very little pepper, grapes, carrots...
  3. S

    Small poop/ less eating hay/ weight loss

    Hi everyone One of my guinea pig name Caramel (9months) has been sneezing so I went to the vet for checkup. The vet gave me antihistamine for 5 days(been giving him for 4 days now), but he has been eating less hay, less drinking and lose 60 grams weight as for today. His poops has become small...
  4. winniethepooh

    Crunched Up In A Corner All Day!

    My older guinea pig, Jake, is always teeth chattering around Winnie, the younger one, and always chases him around. Now, Winnie stays in a corner all day and I don't think he's eating. He even poops and pees there and just stays there. I think it has something to do with Jake chasing him around...
  5. Pumpkin&Spice

    Would Be Really Thankful For Advice! :)

    Hi! I am completely new to forums and this is the first time I have ever posted a thread but I’m a little concerned about my piggie, Spice, a 7 month old Peru sow who is acting a little under the weather. I thought it’d be worth a shot to see if anyone has any advice/similar experiences. Spice...