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  1. L

    HELP! My guinea pig is losing weight, has scabbing? on his feet, and his skin looks kind of pale.

    His water has vitamin C in it, and he is drinking and eating regularly, but his poops are smaller than normal. If you have any ideas on what I should do, please let me know!
  2. Caramelchip18

    Guinea pig lost both teeth

    Please help! I’m a new owner, I’ve had my babies for 2 weeks and I came home from college to cuddle my piggies and discovered Caramel (3 months old) had lost his top tooth and the other was bent inwards and also falling out! I’ve never had this, I check them over and he does chew the bars of...
  3. Y

    Bulging bottom

    Hi, I recently got a new guinea pig: rocket. Compared to my other guinea pig pocket, it seems like rocket's genitals bulge out and are much more noticeable than pocket's. Rocket is acting normally and nothing else is wrong so I just want to know if this is something to worry about. I am...
  4. PipandOreo

    White spot on guinea pigs nose

    Hi, whilst holding Oreo today (about 20 mins ago!) I found a weird spot on her nose. Its white and feels solid, she doesn’t seem in pain when I touch it. I haven’t noticed it before and hold her everyday, so I think it’s appeared very recently. She’s otherwise her normal self, eating and...
  5. T

    Guinea Pig Scabs and sores

    We have three guinea pigs two males that were in the same cage together and one female in a cage by herself. We had attempted to have the female with another piggy in the cage with her, but that did not go well and it's the story for a different post. Up until a month ago, the two males were in...
  6. emily21

    Guinea pig weight

    Hi guys so I've seen most websites say a healthy weight for a male guinea pig is between 900 - 1200 g but my vet weighed my own boar and said he was healthy at 1350. When I asked he said anything up to about 1400 is healthy so has anybody else been told something similar to this?
  7. M

    Clumpy poops

    Hello all! I am new to owning guinea pigs, I have had my piggies for about 2 weeks now. Both piggies are males around 4 months in age, their names are Milo and Mason :) Unfortunately, when I adopted my piggies they had a URI that the current owner was not willing to treat. So, I took them to a...
  8. M

    Why did my guinea pig die?

    My guinea pig was young and active one day but the next day I saw her sitting in her cage not moving but heart beating heavily. She didn’t even move when I got the hay out which usually gets her excited to be fed.. We tried taking her to a vet but there was only one exotic pet vet close by and...
  9. B

    Blood in poop?

    Hi everyone, I have a 1 and a half year old guinea pig named Bubbles and this morning I noticed he had a small amount of what seemed to be blood in his poop? It was quite a big poop so it could of just be where he had strained and it was a small amount but should I be concerned? He has had no...
  10. Mystic_corgi

    Fresh Paint

    The wall that my guinea pigs and hamster are next to is getting painted and I wanted to know if the paint fumes would affect them or not? We would move them out paint the area, let it dry and move them back in. Would this be okay?
  11. vvipb

    Does my guinea pig have a heart condition?

    Hi, I’m new to forums and stuff so bear with me. So a couple hours ago, I woke up in the night and heard a weird short moaning sound that kept repeating coming from my guinea pig cage, I got my two guinea pigs out (both females) and realised one of them kept on making a hooting kind of sound...
  12. Hnrpiggies

    Think my piggy may be dying. How do I know?

    She’s booked in at the vets in themorning. I can’t get her there any earlier. she’s been consistently losing weight over the past year and has been to the vets who said she seemed healthy. She now weighs 716g. For a 3 year old pig. If it goes down another 50-60g she’ll have lost half her body...
  13. G

    Guinea Pig Neurological Issues?

    Hi! My 5 year old Guinea Pig has been to the vet twice lately due to weight loss, drooling, and lower energy levels. They couldn’t find a specific issue, but since the visits, he has been slowly recovering. However, recently, I’ve noticed that he seems to have trouble walking normally, has some...
  14. emily21

    Wood shaving alternatives

    Hi everyone. So I got my 3 piggies (all boys a year old) full time in October. They belonged to my ex who bought them in March 2020. He bought them from a well known UK pet shop and was instructed wood shavings was the best bedding for them so that was what we have been using. However, I...
  15. Laurenmay

    Where can I get the best F10 solutions?

    Hi everyone, my Vet has told me that my pig needs nebulizing with F10 ready-made antiseptic solution however I'm a bit of a lost cause on where to get the solution from. If anyone has any recommendations they would be very much appreciated. :D
  16. G

    Medical advice for eye injury.

    This pig was attacked by her sister and bit around her eye. Does anyone have any medical advice? Does it look serious enough to take her to the vet? Is there anything we could do to prevent an infection? Please help! (Note: the wound did seem to scab although she is itching at it and she does...
  17. Kirbs

    weight loss

    I recently weighed my guinea pig and his weight has dropped significantly from 1300g to 1150g over the past couple weeks. We moved them inside for the winter around October and he's been living alone ever since due to the fact that he doesn't get along with any of the other pigs. He is given...
  18. kamoe407

    Guinea Pig Not Eating/Drinking

    Hello, over the past 2 days, I realized that my piggy was not eating or drinking and becoming more isolated and reclusive. He did not eat much at all yesterday and my dad and I just gave him some veggies we pureed and mixed with water through a syringe that he took willingly tonight. We're...
  19. Jesse's pigs


    Now I’m always going on about observing piggies poos as these are often the best insight into their health- now Steve’s has me baffled. So two days ago, he had the beginnings of another minor bloat episode (belly sounds like water balloon basically and he starts to sit around) I gave him his...
  20. X

    Piggy stopped eating pellets

    Hi there. One of my boys (who loves pellets and always finishes his portion) suddenly stopped having interest in them, it’s been 2 days and he hasn’t touched a single one. I’ve also noticed a change in his behavior; he is in his hidey a lot more and is barely out like he used to be. He’s still...