1. Jasmined

    Is this URI or allergy? Please help

    Yesterday morning I noticed I could hear Teddy breathing a little heavier than normal after I’d heard her sneeze a few times. by the afternoon her breathing had become more noisy and her sneezes sounded a little wet, some crustiness round her nose. By Luck managed to get her a vet appointment...
  2. S

    Olive oil for guinea pigs dry feet/ears ?

    Is extra virgin olive oil ok to put on guinea pigs dry skin (ears and feet) in small amounts ?
  3. B

    What’s wrong with my piggy’s eyes?!

    He eats perfectly fine and acts like a normal piggy. He’s about 4 years old, maybe a couple months younger. I only started to notice this once I zoomed in on this picture. I’m worried:( Please let me know
  4. C

    Breathing problems

    Hi all. In the past i have came on this forum looking for ways to help my guinea pig with her breathing problems. I have went to the vet twice now for that issue and have not found a straight answer about it, but considering she was happy, healthy, and eating just fine- we decided it was best to...
  5. K

    Sneezes or puffs of air?

    Hey everyone, i just got a 5 month old guinea pig and she usually sneezes (?) but it’s not really a sneeze. She puffs air out of her nose every time I’m around her although I don’t usually hear it when she’s in her cage. I’ve also heard her sneeze before which sounds louder and is more...
  6. Jasmined

    Do I need a second opinion on Poppies eye?

    Hi! Last night I noticed my one year old female guinea was the slightest bit swollen and teary in one eye. Checked again in the morning and it was definitely a little more swollen but I wasn’t sure if it was serious or something that may pass. The vet I use is obviously operating differently...
  7. Hannahb2804

    Queries about my piggies and if their health is ok

    So I recently adopted two sows and I’m taking them to the vets tomorrow for a check up just to make sure they are healthy and all is ok but there’s a few things I wanted to ask the forum just to make sure it’s nothing to worry about as I’ve got a list of a few things to voice to the vet just to...
  8. guineapigx2


    Hello guys! I have a problem. My baby guinea pig (one and a half months old) has been making crackling noises. I can sometimes hear them, but usually I only hear it when listening to his tummy area. He got one week of antibiotics (enrofloxacin). Vet gave him that over the phone because of the...
  9. J

    Help. My guinea pig is grieving and has G.I. Stasis!

    What’s happening to my guinea pig? My guinea pig Chester is usually a very energetic and healthy guinea pig, but ever since his cage mate passed a few days ago he has been lethargic and depressed. He stopped eating and pooping so we brought him to the emergency vet and they said he has the...
  10. wheek!guinea

    Normal poop?

    Hello! Sorry if this is gross, but I am concerned. Is this poop normal? It is a little bit mushy, so we took him off of veggies for 24 hours to see if that helps. He is eating and drinking just fine, even active. I gave him bene-bac plus to help his gut and digestion.
  11. A

    Guinea pig lump on back :(

    Hi everyone, Yesterday, my partner was giving our long haired boys a hair cut (and they hate it anyway) but one of them was squealing as if we were really hurting him. Didn’t think anything of it as they are normally an absolute nightmare when it comes to grooming, but as my partner was...
  12. thethreeboars

    Cleaning a boars penis

    Hi! So my boy is now 8 and I have never even thought to clean his willy! It’s now swollen and looking uncomfortable and j was hoping for some advice on how is best to clean it or if I’m best going to the vets?
  13. Kerry40

    Health advice

    Hi, I am new to this forum and am in desperate need for advice. I had 2 sister guinea pigs, Suga and Huni aged 3 years 8 months. I have had them since they were 6 weeks old. Unfortunately Suga passed away on 5 March from fluid on her lungs, since then Huni has had a UTI and she needed dental...
  14. Bebimbars

    Ringworm ? On lockdown, need help

    Hi everyone, I really need help as we are in a sticky situation. I live in France and the whole country is under lockdown, we can only get out of the house to go to the supermarket, pharmacy and emergency doctor appointments. Our young sow (7 weeks old) has come up with a white crusty patch...
  15. C

    Growth on nose

    Hey, I’ve recently noticed some kind of growth or something appear on one of my guinea pigs nose. I’ve attached a photo. Can anybody explain what it is and if there is anything I need to do to treat it? Many thanks
  16. Flinty

    Glucosamine for bladder advice

    Hey all, I know there have been threads on here previously, but just wanted to clarify :) I have a 1 1/2 year old sow who I'm pretty sure is having bladder problems and would like to give her some long term help. I've read that glucosamine can help so would love advice on quantities and which...
  17. T

    Possible sick pig

    Hello all, I have 4 female pigs. We noticed our pig Kimchi was bleeding from her vagina on Christmas. The day after she was no longer bleeding but We took her to the vet on Friday and was told she's in heat, I know sows do not bleed while in heat and the vet said it could be possibly a UTI and...
  18. retro

    Worried about one of my boys.

    Good news and bad news. the bad news? Bowie, my youngest, has gotten a fluffy fur face. This happened right before Nibbler died. (He died of what is assumed bloat, Bowie isn’t showing signs of bloat.) Now, Bo is about I want to say 8-9 months old. The reason I’m telling you this is because this...
  19. Ethelandmarigold

    One of group passed away

    Hi, ive posted on here a couple of times about my young guinea pigs. I bought a young female pair in July, one turned out to be pregnant, they had terrible lice and then once she had given birth she began to develop on and off respiratory problems. unfortunately after almost 7 weeks of...
  20. HappyCavies

    Sulfatrim Dose Help

    Our guinea pig Lon-Lon is suffering with a recurring abscess on her jaw (have attached a picture). We are planning to take her to Northampton to see Simon Maddock as soon as we can, as we are not confident in our local vets. In the mean time, she has been given Metacam and Sulfatrim (16mg/ml +...