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  1. cola.thepig

    My piggy isn't eating hay and he has mites

    Hello, i am new in this forum. And english isn't my first language so if i make any mistakes please excuse me! 🥲 I had 2 guinea pigs, and one of them (his name was Chips) sadly passed away recently. And Cola (8 months, male) is still with us. I took him to vet after his mate passed away. The vet...
  2. L

    White lump found in cage

    Hello, I found these two lumps within my piggies cage this evening (I have one made pig who is castrated and and is 2 1/2 and one female pig who is about 1 1/2). The lump on the left (more brown coloured) is more squishy and wet in texture and the one on the right (white) is harder however still...
  3. ZenexPiggies

    Big soft lump and hair loss

    Hello, i've been gone for a while and had a pet sitter for my pigs, recently when I came home I sae the one of my pigs had a lump the size of a ping pong ball and had lost a lot of hair on her left side and under. Shes eating well and is active, she weighs in at about 950 grams and it really...
  4. Y

    Dental Dental disease: tooth removal, now an abscess. Is there anything we could have/ can do better?

    Hi everyone. This site has helped my partner and I navigate health issues for two different pigs over the last two years with dental disease. I just wanted to express my sincere and profound gratitude for everyone here, because you all have helped us so much. Today, I took Chia in for a...
  5. Florenceandwillow

    Unwell Guinea

    Hi all, I have been doing some research and would like some advice if possible regarding our unwell guinea pig, willow, a four year old rescue. Four days ago I noticed she had a runny nose and was sneezing. We took her to the vet who said she had a respiratory infection and prescribed her...
  6. thedosboys

    Bumblefoot 🙄

    So for awhile I've been noticing a red spot on my boy Manny' foot. It has been there since I got him. But just this week I realized it could be an infection. Right now I can't get veterinarian care but I've read that soaking the foot in warm water and Epsom salt and then wrap it and do that...
  7. B

    Calcium Help! Young and Slightly Older Guineas

    Hi all, we recently had to get a new playmate for Toffee, as his friend Biscoffi (R.I.P) unfortunately had a undiagnosed congenital heart problem (found in postmortem) that filled his lungs with fluid over time. He literally went from 100 - 0 within 2 hours from playing and being a nutter to...
  8. M

    Dying guinea pig, don't know what to do?

    I had one of my guinea-pigs die last year at 7 years old. My current one panda was going on really strong and really enjoying life until the last couple days, he was still happy and interested in everything but I could tell he was losing his balance and starting to fall over. This morning I woke...
  9. wafflez6

    gave my guinea pig xeno50 for 2 days

    i made the mistake of giving my guinea pig xeno 50 again after i just given it yesterday will anything happen
  10. wheek!guinea

    Drinking from bowl now

    I replaced one of my piggies water bottle since it was old and leaky before but noticed he hasn’t been drinking from it. I tested it and have seen him take 1-2 sips from it, but noticed by the end of the day there was little drank from it which is not like him. He’s usually going through water...
  11. J

    Pigs ate plastic! Help!

    Hi everyone, So I just discovered that this ball was too close to my pigs cage and they chewed this hole in it. It’s very thin plastic (it’s basically a giant inflatable ball, so almost the plastic of like a pool float but maybe even thinner). The hole is about the size of a tennis ball, maybe...
  12. S

    Guinea Pig has a whistle like noise to her breathing at times?

    Hi! Please excuse if I sound panicky during this, this just started happening today and I'm so scared for my little 4 year old baby. Her name is Candy, she started having a slight whistle to her breathing (which she's breathing normally, no wheezing) and has been a bit sneezy today (accompanied...
  13. cece78311

    GI Stasis in Guinea Pig

    Hi! So my piggy, Pepe Le' Pew, has been ill for two weeks now. I noticed that he had stopped pooping and hadn't touched his food or water in about a day at first, I took him to a vet soon after and they told me he looked okay, took a fecal sample and tested it and he had no parasites or...
  14. Oinkpiggies

    Nose whistle?

    Hi guys, another one of my paranoid thoughts with my piggies. My piggy Bear has had this nose whistle for a few months. (Video attached below) I can’t remember if he’s had it forever, because i just noticed it a few months ago. My hearing is bad so I’m not sure how long he really has had it...
  15. holleelaurie

    Suspicious lump? Please help

  16. GeePeeMama

    Great news about Chip!

    My husband and I adopted 2 guinea pigs 2 weeks ago. Our daughter named them Chip and Chuck. 2 days after getting them my husband and I noticed a pretty gnarly scab on Chips back, we had no idea what it was, also Chip had been itching a lot. We brought them both to the vet today and it turns out...
  17. princessnico

    Dry, bald patch?

    Hello! I’ve recently adopted a young guinea pig. She is 1 or 2 months old. She eats well, and plays. When I first got her though, I noticed a darker looking patch of fur underneath her right ear. Now, a week later. The spot has no hair, and it looks rather dry/flaky. It is about the size of a...
  18. H

    Guinea pig vet and health query

    Helloooo I’m wondering thoughts and I’m also probably going to vent/release stress too. After I had to have my beautiful Eddie put to sleep, I got another boy for my Teddie, call Errik. When I brought him home in November he clearly was right, as he kept sneezing and snorting. I took him to the...
  19. lauryn1289

    How to identify dental problems?

    I’m so so so sorry for yet another post and this being so long 😭 I just didn’t want to keep spamming the post I made yesterday because it’s possibly not relevant anymore. You all are a lot more experienced than me and knowing what to say to my vet is invaluable. So long story short yesterday my...
  20. lauryn1289

    Not interested in food?

    Hi everyone, my 6 1/2 year old boy Kip isn’t really interested in food right now. He ate a small bit of cucumber and apple and I gave him a few mls of cc but I’m concerned. I went for a nap around 11:30am this morning and overslept until 3pm because I forgot to set an alarm and he was absolutely...