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  1. S


    Hey , I am very concerned as my guinea is lying since this evening , he is having some trouble walking and he's not preferring to use his right leg , he's keeping it away from the ground and walking improperly , he's eating but he doesn't prefer to move for it , it his front leg . I am concerned...
  2. T

    HELP! How quickly do symptoms of poisoning present themselves?

    My grandad just gave my three piggies two leaves each, he days they were dandelion, however his eyesight is very bad so we're worried he's given them something else by mistake. How quickly do symptoms appear and what do I do if they do?
  3. M

    my guinea pig had a seizure ?

    last night he fell asleep in my arms and then started twitching and shaking? and he couldn’t get up, wasn’t responding but he was still breathing. we gave him water & he finally stood up and started walking again. right now he’s eating a bunch and drinking a lot of water? but what was that? why...
  4. Petelixon

    HELP: Crusty nose.

    My guinea pig Donald has had this for months (will post a pic in the comments). We took him to the vets the first time we saw this. It was a 1-2 minute appointment where the vet glanced at him quickly and told him that this is due to Vitamin C deficiency and that is nothing serious. Then they...
  5. Sophiiiaac

    I think my piggy has a fungus! PLZ HELP

    My guinea pig has a bumpy white fungus looking thing behind her ear. There is some blood but I watched her for a while and she hasn’t been scratching excessively. I googled it and it said that it could be ringworm or mites? I’m not sure how to treat her and there aren’t any vets near me that are...
  6. leahplayne

    Red/Orange Pee

    Recently one of my two guinea pigs (I can’t figure out which one) took a pee while out on a mat playing. I went to go wipe it up and noticed the colour is not normal compared to the normal colour of their pee. Does this look concerning? Should I speak to a vet or could it be something they...
  7. ChubbyCarrots

    My 2 year old bit me!

    Coco has always been so tame and and rarely bites. I don’t even remember the last time he bit me, but today he bit my 3 times! All 3 were bad bites too, 2 left me bleeding and one left a mark. Should I be worried please?
  8. Alssa

    Twitching and rolling over

    I recently made my piggy a cuddle sack which is basically a donut of fabric you wear like a scarf and let your piggy sleep or to just cuddle in. She really likes it and the only concerning thing is that when she’s in it she’ll shake her head like she has an itch in her ear and then flop over on...
  9. MelissaCarrot

    Chewing Hideaways

    My baby Carrot who is only 5 months old keeps chewing on the plastic and cardboard hideaways I have for her but won't chew on any of the chew toys I have for her. And if I take it away, it seems like she goes crazy and tries to nibble on the bars and base of her C and C cage. I am worried that...
  10. Alexemond97

    Guinea Pig Genitals Problem

    Hi, I am a new guinea pig owner and the vet currently doesn’t have disponibilities and it is the only one in my region who treats exotic animals, but I have a problem with one of my guinea pig’s genitals. I got him (or her?) in a rescue and they didn’t said anything about it expect that it...
  11. Martina97

    Swollen Toe

    Hi everyone, This is Martina from Italy. I'm very worried about one of my two piggies. Last Tuesday, while I was trimming his nails, I noticed that he was missing one and that he had a swollen toe. I can't really think about when he could have lost it - never found any bloodstain in the cage nor...
  12. PiggieNinja

    What Illness Is This?

    Hi everyone, I've had willow (sow) for about 2 years now and ever since we got her she's had the sniffles. During the first two months I went to the vets a couple of times (particularly as one of my other pigs had a URI and I thought she may have it too) but they just told me that it's nothing...
  13. ChubbyCarrots

    Fungal Stripe? Please Help!

    His nose before His nose after Hey guys, it’s Lily. I recently noticed Coco had a white line on his nose, I took him out of the hutch immediately because I never noticed it. My other guinea pig, Buddy, doesn’t have the same line. I split Coco’s fur in half and to my horror it was a snowstorm...
  14. Kevin_Haae

    Sort Of Odd/silly Health Questions From A Newbie Piggie Owner

    So I've bought two piggies from a pet store (no adoption agencies around me as far as I know), and while they seem happy, I wanted to ask 2 things about their health. First question: how often do piggies sneeze typically? my piggies have been sneezing a bit more then I'd expect. I have them in...
  15. K

    1 Eye Duller, Drier, Little Cloudy

    Hello I got a new guinea pig yesterday after years of not having any and I'm quite worried about this eye (see photos below). His other is lovely and bright but this one seems slightly receded with a patch of cloudiness on it. It is drier than the other and has a very small amount of crustiness...
  16. ChubbyCarrots

    Will My Piggies Die?! -3 Degrees

    I have two 1 and 1/2 year old male guinea pigs, my garage is currently being redone so we can’t bring them in and my parents don’t want them in the house! It is -3 degrees outside and the snow is up to my knees, the hutch is on top of a run so I’m not worried about the snow hitting them but I’m...
  17. Barnyard Boars

    Pellet Food Choices

    For the longest time I've fed both my hamsters and guineas tiny friends farm food, but it's colourful and I know that's not always best choice but they love it! However I feel like I shouldn't now and should stick to oxbow pellets that just look like regular pellets, OR should I mix them? I'm so...
  18. Shelby._.

    Is This A Safe Probiotic?

    So my guinea pig is on antibiotics and I've been giving him smashed up healthy guinea pig poo as a probiotic. As I was scrolling around on the website I order most of my pet supplies off of I came across this product. Has anyone ever used it or do you think it is ok to use? I'm asking because...
  19. Nibsandtuft

    What Food Do Guinea Pigs Like?

    We have two male guinea pigs and they love the normal food like beans and cucumber etc. But we would like to try them on something different ! Any ideas :hmm:
  20. Lil3piggies

    Not Eating! Help Please!

    Hello everyone! Worried piggie mummy here! When I got home from work I checked on the pigs as usual, partner had checked on them before he left for work a few hours before I got home and gave them their second lot of greens. When I checked on them Archie was sat in a corner and when I went to...