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  1. MadPiggies :D

    Scratch Scarring

    My piggies are sick and when syringe feeding I ended up with a big scratch on my hand from they not cooperating. Will it scar!?! XO I have had it for around 2 days and it's going a bit brown
  2. MadPiggies :D

    Responsibility Of Being A Guinea Pig Owner

    Many people purchase their beloved furry friend before even thinking about it and ends up with a too small cage,in balanced diet and a lot of health issues. I cannot stress how important it is to do your research before getting a guinea pig as sadly in my case I have had many sleepless...
  3. MadPiggies :D

    Front Teeth Missing ;(

    I was taking My piggie Optimus to the vet and gave the two boys some carrot before we left but I found Witwicky couldn't eat it and it would just fall from his mouth.Later after the vet looked at Optimus's foot she examined Witwicky teeth and found they had completely gone and there was a...
  4. Squishymoth

    Excessive Shedding

    my boar Warp has been shedding a lot, for maybe a week or two. Brushed all three of my pigs last night and only Warp had noteable shedding (only from the white hair on the back part of his body his section with brown hair near the front doesn’t seem to be shedding if this is relevant). He is...
  5. S

    New Pig

    Hello, I adopted a 7 month old male guinea pig named Norman. I have never owned one before and should have done my research before purchasing but am making up for lost time by purchasing the guinea pig handbook and watching little adventures on youtube. Since watching many of these videos I...
  6. alf1et

    Flying Saucer Wheel

    I have a flying saucer wheel and I know some tips have said wheels are bad for a guinea pig but this is flat so would it help with exercise or is it too dangerous?
  7. Laura_Wiggo

    Cancer In Guinea Pigs?

    Hello lovely piggy owners, I'm new here but I'm looking for some advice for my little Trotsky. My spoilt little boy is 4 years old now, he was my first guinea pig and I'd be so lost without him! He's always been a very social piggy, cheeky and noisy and loves to be around me. 2 weeks ago I...
  8. Preston

    Guinea Pig Eye Problem

    My girlfriend and I have had Aspen for 5ish months and have noticed she is a little reserved. Recently she stopped eating, and started sneezing a lot. We thought it was a cold and got her some medicine for it. Her sneezing has gotten better and she has started eating again, however now she is...
  9. ALK2015

    My Guinea Pig Recently Stopped Eating Hay...

    Hello, I had 2 Guinea pigs for about 4 years. Recently (about a month ago) one has sadly passed away. My healthy Guinea pig is still eating her veggies & pellets and drinking her water. But she has began only nibbling now and then on her hay. I have tried hand feeding it to her & that seems to...
  10. PerfectPigs

    What Is The Best First Medicine To Use For My Sow With Cystitis?

    My (roughly) 5-year-old sow named Olga has been recently showing the symptoms of cystitis. She is making soft squeaking noises when she urinates, has been urinating often and is always damp on her stomach (from the result of urinating a lot). I don't want to try any full-on medicine yet, as she...
  11. E

    Please Help Me Help Her!

    Hi, my name is Emily. A few months ago, I fell in love with a guinea pig at a pet store. I didn't get her then, but about a month later I went back to get bedding or something and she was still there. Long story short, I got her and love her so very very much. I have never had guinea pigs...
  12. C

    Guinea Pig Refuses To Eat Or Drink

    Hi everyone! I have a 3 year old guinea pig named Betty who won’t eat. She has always been a picky eater, but she always ate enough hay, pellets and drank water. Recently, she has stopped eating hay and drinking, as well as eating any fruits or vegetables. She is so picky she will eat something...
  13. P

    Fighting Fungal Infection For 2 And A Half Weeks

    My piglet got a fungal infection 2 and a half weeks ago.We are healing it with canesten cream (1%) .We stopped spreading of infection but when i touch the two infected ears(only ears are infected ) my piglet starts weeking and running like it hurst him.pls help
  14. threelittlebubs

    How Often Does A Guinea Pig Move From Space To Space?

    Right now my girl is on the mend and I'm monitoring her closely. One thing I'm noticing is how often she switches resting spots. When she was doing poorly she often laid in one spot for an hour, hour and a half. Now she is moving around much more, she has longer periods of an hour in the same...
  15. Piggy996

    Does My Pet Have Fungal Infection?

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here because I'm worried about my guinea pig. He's a couple of months old and recently I've noticed white spots behind his ears, it looks like crusty skin. Do you think this is a fungal infection? I've bathed him just in water a week ago, do you...
  16. KarenD

    Guinea Pig Has Big Cut. Help!

    I have two piggies that are blood brothers and they are over a year old. Today I noticed them fighting and while cleaning their room I noticed a huge cut on the back of one of them. The one who got the cut was the one who was trying to run away from the other one. I have absolutely no idea what...
  17. R

    Help Needed

    I currently have to long hair piggies, one of pigs hair has become extremely matted at his behind and I don't have a clue what to do? Need help?