1. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Diary of Candy the Guinea Pig

    Wooh! Today was hard. My pet, Roxy, took Holly and I out and into the running area. We played hide and seek and tag. It was like a workout! Then we got put back in our cages. We drank some water and rested in our pigloos. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Probably going to have a whole new day of running!
  2. TheCavySlave

    Diary Of Two Eligible Bachelors

    I decided to post pics of Godfrey and Duncan daily, to share their cuteness :D "Mum says we need plenty of Vitamin C, whatever that is. Vitamin Cavy? Vitamin Cute? She says we get it from veggies and pellets, which is good, because I love them both!" "I have a nice soft bed, but I sleep here...