1. Piggy mum

    Anyone Used This Probiotic?

    Hi all Wondered if anyone has used the below probiotic for their pigs. I have a pig with a sensitive digestive system and want to start him on a long term probiotic to help him out. Had a look at the ingredients but not too sure what I’m looking for! Any advice? He has fibreplex at the moment...
  2. JuliaBear

    Using National Geographic Hay Topper?

    Hi everyone, I've noticed recently that my un-neutered male guinea pig (~3yrs old) is pooping out smaller poops with one tapered end. I'm reading that probiotics can help digestion. I came across this product: National Geographic™ Nutritious Topping Timothy Hay Small Pet Food | small pet Hay |...
  3. S

    Abdomen Pulsating

    Hello! I have a female guinea pig named Lily and she is about 5 months old. In the past few days I've noticed that her abdomen has been pulsating. I have attached a video to this post of it happening. It has been pretty constant, as a notice it pulsing when she's eating, when she's just laying...