1. B

    White Stuff?

    I have two female guinea pigs. one is 1 year old and the other is 5-6 months. i’ve been noticing today that the oldest female has been mounting the younger and leaving white gelatinous discharge on the bedding and on the younger? should i be worried about this? is she actually a male?
  2. Puddles1999

    Brown nasal discharge?

    Hi! I have three guineas. Recently, our mocha was taking Orbax for a possible uri. She had a runny nose, he said her lungs and everything sounded great but to be on the safe side, he decided to medicate her. It’s been about two weeks since she’s finished her Orbax. However, I had penelope out...
  3. Hnrpiggies

    Female guinea pig - thick white discharge and blood in urine ?

    I’m Building a new bed in my room so I took the guinea pigs out and decided to clean them out while doing so. I’ve emptied their wood shavings out and left them in their empty c&c cage ready to move it back into my room so I can put new wood shavings in.. that’s how I’ve been able to see the...
  4. Jasmine-sleeps

    Brown discharge

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing okay. I’m just posting really to see if anyone knows what this could be? The blanket moved a bit in the night and this was on the cage this morning near to some poops! It’s brown, wet not sticky and slightly gritty. So could possibly be like calcium...
  5. littlewinng

    Possible URI Symptoms?

    How can you tell if your guinea pig has a respiratory infection? My boy has some yellow/green dried up snot on his left nostril (never the right one). He also has a cut under his left nostril by his lip that looks a bit swollen, I’m not sure how it happened but it appeared yesterday morning...
  6. T

    HELP: Yellow Sticky Discharge From Vagina

    My 1 year old female guinea pig has yellow sticky discharge from her vagina. She has shown no sign of pain when urinating, she is eating and drinking normally, she only showed signs of slight discomfort when wiping the discharge away with wet tissue. Does anyone know what could be the problem...
  7. Casady R

    Sudden Death

    I had two piggies about 6 months ago and both were well fed with hay and had fresh water. I take them out of the cage and let them roam around my room for exercise but make sure they don't eat anything while they are out. One afternoon I left for work and didn't come back until the next day only...
  8. Bethany How

    Thick Smelly Discharge

    I've gone to clean my male guinea pigs rear ends to make sure there's no saw dust or hay stuck up there, to notice his bum was packed with this thick cream in colour smelly discharge, I've cleaned him out. What is it? And do I need to get him to the vets? He's just over a year old. Thanks in...
  9. batata

    Nasal Issues

    The backstory: I bought my two guinea pigs from Pets at Home (due to lack of better knowledge at the time). Unsurprisingly, they are victims of bad breeding. They are now 5 years old but in very good shape for their age, not yet showing signs of aging at all. Due to the bad breeding, Loki's...